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MapinXL is an application built by ARTICQUE, oriented to office people, who are not experts in GIS but who want to impress with colored maps.Mapsinxl

We spend our lives wanting Connect our maps to Excel, aware that others can not get away from Microsoft solutions; and for this we have done a thousand ways to solve it, importing data, transforming formats, creating data connections, publishing services, etc. Perhaps for this reason, the solution will seem primitive in its functionalities, but the smoke of this design is based on the inverse of the GIS (maps from Excel), and in this there is a great concept.

Directed to non-GIS experts

Many successful businesses start with Simple solutions, So that those who design these tools get into the head of a manager who asks questions like:

  • Why do I have to be asking a map at any time to the GIS expert?
  • Why do you always send it to me too late?
  • Why is a coloring error never missing?
  • Why convinced me to invest so many thousands in a GIS development and I always take care that I send them in jpg to the mail ... and weighs so many megabytes that it never arrives?

The corporate design of the MapinXL website speaks for itself, it is made by marketing people for themselves.

In the Excel environment

Something quite attractive of this application, is that it is integrated as a new tab of the Ribbon of Excel, this is very intuitive at this point that everyone has become accustomed to this environment.Mapsinxl

The things that MapinXL does are for users who want to generate painted maps for a presentation, recovering an initiative that one day had Excel, but in this occasion they can create new environments, edit tables, associate to other tables, thematize by criteria that, finally They become colorful graphics.

A big limitation is to make new maps, because they use a strange format called vxf, that only they will know how to generate. For free you can download some maps of countries and internal divisions, if someone needs a new map, they can create it, although they do not explain under what conditions or price.


The added value

The price is $ 99 per license, which can be purchased via Paypal. Not bad for companies that could give him use in the marketing area, with aspects such as:

  • Customer or Supplier Mapping
  • Expansion Plans
  • Reports to investors and partners

For an executive, who spent more than $ 700 on a Data show, $ 1,500 on a laptop, who traveled 200 miles to convince his investors that his millions are producing ... it is not unreasonable to invest $ 99 in this toy and demand from his secretary with beautiful eyes that add to your reports painted maps. Solutions like this and Touch They are the most practical I have seen for geomarketing.

Website MapinXL

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