AutoCAD exercises for topography using CivilCAD and Total Station

This is one of the best tutorials I've seen, especially for users of CivilCAD They hope to do topography routines that with Civil3D would take many more steps and complexity.

Civilcad total stationThe document has been constructed and facilitated to the web by Engineer Manuel Zamarripa Medina, who many will be grateful for his willingness to invest time in a manual with this quality.

In general, the document is based on a structure of 12 practices on more than 60 pages with step-by-step detail; in a good part of the document the didactic and writing is of good quality. Many of the tasks are done in the sense of a new user, clarifying that over time the experienced user finds tricks to do things more quickly.

In the first section, using CivilCAD is very well constructed, with a balance of the explanatory with the images. Then the part that explains the use of total station is limited, however it is still practical.

This is the content index:

  1. A first chapter constitutes the index, although it does not have the complete numbering.
  2. Lessons to start with CivilCAD. This section summarizes the capabilities and advantages of CivilCAD, which by the way is the application for topography that has most spread in Mexico. It also explains important aspects related to the handling of scale and layout for printing; here the document has the only error, since it lacks links to a supposed blog where you can learn more but the route of the site is not shown.
  3. Learning to draw a survey with tape. It is taught to draw lots raised with tape, without the need for calculation using triangulation, especially lines, circles and intersections.
  4. Learning drawing of an uprising by course and distance. Here is how to use the tools of CivilCAD for the drawing of surveys with compass and tape or by course and distance; interesting that also shows how to make the polygonal compensation with the method proportional to the length of the sides.
  5. Learning of calculation and drawing of a polygonal by coordinates. It is taught to use the spreadsheet and the drawing by coordinates from a database; It is also explained how to generate the UTM coordinate grid.
  6. Learning drawing of a profile leveling. How to draw a terrain profile from the calculation of a profile leveling, the execution of a .scr extension script is included.
  7. Learning topographic configuration by the method of radiation. Here the work is carried out until the generation of contours, with data that are in a list of points x and z as those generated by a total station.
  8. Learning development of the project of a communication channel. This section is wide, includes again the generation of a digital model, but additionally works the geometric design of a road including horizontal, vertical curves, terrain profile and generation of cross sections. Everything is built with the SCT Roads module, including obtaining the mass curve.
  9. Lessons to start with the Total Station. This section is basic, in general the description of the most important features of the Total Station Sokkia Set 630 RK; and again a reference to a blog that does not give the route. Although the manual explains the steps, from now on the document loses its graphic balance with fewer images; although as its author says, there will be an improved version later.
  10. Learning for polygon with total station. Learn to use the Total Station in the polygonal survey; Hence it is interesting to explain how to pass data from the PC to the total station.
  11. Civilcad total station Lessons learned for electronic data recording. Know the total station and its resources to perform detailed surveys, using the electronic data record; basically data capture.
  12. Lessons for the transfer of data to the PC. Learn Use the electronic record of the Total Station and carry out the transfer of the information to a computer, moving on to the drawing of the computer-assisted drawing immediately.
  13. Learnings for the use of the Total Station and its Application Software. Learn to execute the programs incorporated to the Station, facilitating with this the obtaining of terrain data.

A good effort by the author, who shows his maturity and growth in a commitment to the democratization of knowledge.

From here you can Download the document.

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8 Replies to "AutoCAD Exercises for surveying using CivilCAD and Total Station"

  1. Greetings, I am new and I want to learn civilcad, I have seen several tutorials and I see it more simplified than civil3d, I am interested, I work as a draftsman and I get many files in autocad already generated with profiles, contour sections etc. but without points or database, so I cannot generate my results, but I need to make my own calculations of sections, profiles or general topography, they can help me with a demo or the process of generating points from curves of level. I will appreciate your valuable help, blessings

  2. Hello Oscar.
    I do not remember seeing a similar manual with Civil3D.
    Greetings to the land of Sandino; When I walk there I will notify you to have a cocoa. I hope the crisis happens soon.

  3. Good Day Ing. Do you have a manual similar to this one that I publish but to learn how to use CIVIL3D?
    Greetings from Nicaragua.
    Oscar Espinal
    Whatsapp: 505 88441929

  4. How well the course. Favors me as a topographer.

  5. ing.samarripa I am a person who has tried to take the course of autocad and civilcad but for some reason I could not do it and I went out and I saw his program I would like to ask you a favor if you could garme see your videos to learn to draw by Coordinates manually mind in autocad and civilcad and if I can have the opportunity to work with May on bail of knowing that I am doing an excellent job ing. If you could help me, I would be very grateful that God filled you with sales.

  6. Best regard:

    In order to inform you that you try to download the file… Download CivilCAD and Total Station Learning…. and after downloading when I open it, I get a message that says:
    The file could not open because it is not a supported or damaged file type (for example, it was sent as an attachment in e-mail and was not decoded correctly).

    It is very interesting to practice on the subject, if you can help me with this I thank you, either improving the file or you can give it to me by mail.


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