Comparison between map servers (IMS)

Before we talked about a comparison In terms of price, of various map server platforms, this time we will talk about the comparison in functionality. For this we will use as a basis a study by Pau Serra del Pozo, from the Technical Office of Cartography and Local GIS (Barcelona Provincial Council) and although the analysis is based only on the tools that are distributed in the market, it can be useful when deciding for spending money. It is necessary to understand that in the map service functionality, it is only understood to read and arrange GIS data in such a way that a web browser can display them with certain "basic" functionalities. Among these "basic" functionalities we understand: -Visualization, identification, queries and remote connection. -Combination of layers, route calculation, "redline" edition, scale printing.

MapXtreme (Mapinfo)Mapinfo mapxtreme


Arcims esri
GeoWeb Publisher (Bentley)
Bentley publisher
MapGuide (AutoDesk)
Geomedia Webmap (Intergraph)
Manifold GIS
Access to CAD formats Does not read native CAD data Requires ArcMap Server Just read Microstation Geographics and Oracle Spatial formats Requires Desing Server, only reads DWF Read almost all CAD / GIS formats except Mapinfo Almost any format, but within the DB.
Required Clients No additional component required Requires a Java plugin It only requires a free plugin (VPR) Requires a Java Applet Requires a proprietary Micrografx Applet IIS that comes with Windows
Lee Oracle Spatial si Yes, also SQL Server native 2008 si si si Yes, almost all native.
They can be stored in NT and Linux Yes allow both Yes allow both si si si No, only Windows via ASP.
Indepence with regard to GIS tool No. Requires ArcView as data server No. No. No. Si
They have wizards si si Yes, although it does require programming If it requires programming No. Si

A choice of which is better, becomes difficult, especially because the document has some time lag, although these are some of the conclusions:

  • If you try to avoid the problem of having to install a plug-in, the best option is MapXtreme.
  • If it is required to publish CAD or GIS formats subject to constant maintenance, Geomedia Web o ArcIMSAre the best option.
  • If you want to show cartography in CAD format, without much advanced functionality, Bentley Geoweb Publisher y MapGuideAre the best alternative.
  • If you are looking for solutions compatible with Windows NT and UNIX, the best solutions are MapXtreme y ArcIMS
  • If you want simplicity and economy, GIS Manifold
  • Of course this is with proprietary software, in opensource MapBender, MapServer, GeoServer or MapGuide OpenSource Solve and in many cases with greater capacity than the solutions paid.

Prices? We talked about them before, Although there was not Geomedia, but there was Cadcorp. It is surprising that almost all of this can be done by open source platforms, yes Those that are not popular, although a cadastre department in a country requires a decision for a market tool, many times for sustainability ... and in others for dark games

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