Change background color: AutoCAD or Microstation

Generally we use the background white or black color, changing it is a frequent activity for visualization reasons. In this example we will see how it is done with AutoCAD and Microstation.

With AutoCAD before 2008

It's made on Tools> Options, if you are with Civil 3D or an application that does not show the menu above, you can type the command manually Options, then enter.

In the Display The change is made on the button Colors. There you can choose the color of the model, Layout, selection, etc.

Change background color autocad microstation

Very useful the previous visualizer that you have, that you need Microstation and the other color options.

With AutoCAD after 2009


Change background color autocad microstation With the Ribbon of AutoCAD 2009 and 2010, see that there are facilities to find the commands. Only the word Options is written, and it tells us in what menu it is, the rest is the same.

With Microstation

In case of Microstation, it is done with:

  • Workspace> Preferences
  • There we chose from the left panel the option View Options
  • If not selected Black Background -> White, We will have a black background, which is the default. Otherwise it will be white.
  • You can also choose not to be white, indicating in the lower pate indicated in the arrow, both for the color of working model and Layout (Sheet model).

Change background color autocad microstation

Change background color autocad microstation These characteristics are generally applied to the workspace, but in the properties of the View you can choose whether we want the default to be kept (black) or that the defined color be applied. The latter applies to the work file, if you want to generalize, you have to do it in the seed file (Seed file).

To do this, click on the corner of the View, And is chosen View Attributes, Then select background.

This example is made with Microstation V8i, who have versions before XM will only see the selection boxes (checklist)

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  2. Many thanks this was what I needed, change the background from black to blue that is better for the view

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