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The great products of Bentley Systems have been Microstation, ProjectWise and AssetWise since then, it extends all its offer to the different areas of Geo-Engineering. As I told you a year ago, Bentley has included a fourth bet on what he has called Connnect.

Between the months of May and November of 2015, will be holding the great event of connection of professionals of the industries of GeoIngeniería for which Bentley Systems has solutions. The event lasts two days and will be held in 30 cities, in which 200 will be presented over use cases and 60 lectures under the new paradigm of Bentley: CONNECT EDITION.

Bentley Connect

The dates of the events are as follows:

Philadelphia 18-19 May Chicago 19-20 May Oslo 19-20 May Amsterdam 20-21 May Toronto 21-22 May Atlanta 2-3 June Paris 2-3 June Singapore 3-4 June

Los Angeles 4-5 June Chennai 9-10 June Milano 9-10 June Prague 10-11 June Houston Rescheduled Madrid 16-17 June Mexico City 23-24 June Manchester 29-30 June

Wiesbaden 1-2 July Seoul 14-15 July Tokyo 16-17 July Beijing 6-7 August Johannesburg 18-19 August Brisbane 19-20 August Sao Paulo 25-26 August Mumbai 26-27 August

Calgary 2-3 September Warsaw 29-30 September Helsinki 6-7 October Zhengzhou 15-16 October Dubai 23-24 November Moscow Date pending.

As you can see, Bentley throws the house out the window this semester, looking for strategic visibility in which Microsoft is the main sponsor. Nothing that we have not imagined before, and that sure will give new lights in the great event of London at the end of the year. It is very clear that this event will be officially presenting the software as a service modality, which radically changes the way Bentley products have been licensed and that will now be able to adapt to global trends.

In the case of countries in the Ibero-American context, there will be events in Madrid, Mexico and Sao Paulo, on the dates indicated above.

It is vital to register, if one expects to be aware of the route in which the technologies are being routed in the life cycle of the infrastructures. As an example, I leave the agenda for Mexico that will be 23 and 24 days of June.

Bentley connect

Introduction to CONNECT Edition

Alfredo Castrejón, Vice President, Latin America, Bentley Systems

CONNECT Edition: A new paradigm in project execution

Find out how to transform the execution of your projects. No matter what your role in a design or construction project and regardless of the scope of your project, learn how to increase your individual productivity and simplify collaboration throughout the project and for all participants. By improving the execution of projects, it will increase its capacity to deliver the best buildings, bridges, roads, power stations, service networks, mines and other infrastructure projects in a timely, budget-friendly and less risky manner.

CONNECT Edition is Bentley's next-generation infrastructure software, which will establish a new paradigm in project execution.

Learn about CONNECT Edition innovations for MicroStation, ProjectWise and Navigator. Discover how these innovations take advantage of the latest technological catalysts, such as cloud services, touch, mobile, etc.

Phil Christensen, Vice President, Offshore and Marine Sector, Bentley Systems

Management of the public infrastructure lifecycle

Urbanization generates an increase in the demand for resources and there is now a greater recognition of the value of asset management systems to manage the complex processes required to operate a varied combination of infrastructure assets. These asset management systems support urban infrastructures in roads, railways, tramway systems, sewage networks and treatment plants, water and wastewater treatment plants and networks, electricity and gas service networks, communication networks , Airports, parks, public buildings and land management, among others. Learn how Bentley solutions can contribute to the management and maintenance of urban infrastructures and provide services to public works departments, public services managed by municipalities, and agencies at local, regional and national levels throughout the cycle Of assets.

Alfredo Contreras, Executive Product Manager, Bentley Systems

BIM for cities: From modeling to reality

Due to the complex nature of government projects and the collaborative requirement of participants in all disciplines and projects, many cities are adopting BIM processes to become more sustainable cities.

Bentley occupies a privileged place to offer a true BIM enabled solution, which includes from 3D visualization for modeling and design to the analysis of options to improve performance and improved project execution, as well as the fusion of physical and virtual aspects to To obtain a complete and immersive data model throughout the life cycle of the assets.

Fernando Lazcano, Application Engineer, Bentley Systems

GIS federated with the power of Bentley Map

Municipalities, government agencies, utility companies, transportation agencies, cadastres and mapping companies rely on GIS products for surveying, imaging, mapping, mapping, mapping, and other geospatial routines. Cooperation and collaboration between municipal departments with a single source of data can become a real challenge. The use of a federated GIS that provides a single source of truth improves project execution and uniformity of information. This type of system helps to address the rapid expansion of urban infrastructure and modernize cadastral information systems to ensure that different departments have access to accurate cartographic and cadastral data. Bentley offers world-class GIS capabilities with a range of geospatial products
Designed to meet these challenges.

Alfredo Contreras, Executive Product Manager, Bentley Systems

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