Building a Dron, my child's scientific project

It does not seem that this is the same creature that a few years ago surprised me with his genius Methane gas stove.Build a dron

Time passes faster than it seems. At least it shows in the gray hairs and the evolution of their questions:

Instead of asking for a new game for the mobile, I asked for a license for Sony Vegas. I liked that he does not like to pirate.

Wanting to make his own Dron, I found it more than interesting.

Convincing the teacher was the first challenge, when she said that some students dreamed of projects that not only seemed very expensive, but could turn out to be fanciful. My son thinks it was not bad intention, but a little ignorance. Especially when he explained that the materials would buy them with their profits from the Youtube channel, via PayPal.

So conquering the project involved explaining in edible words what PayPal, AdSense, Crowfunding, and other words were not in your dictionary.

1. Materials for the Dron.

This is not difficult today. They are only bought on the Internet, sent to a mailbox in Miami and in less than two weeks are at the door of the house.

Build a dron

Four motors, four ellipses, four frames, one motherboard, one Lipo battery, 4 propeller drivers and 4 cables to connect the radio to the card.

2. The montage.

The day was more than educational, because it was necessary to learn to use screwdrivers, to tip them in a speaker, to learn how to cut cables, to use soldering iron and to test its heat with the salivated finger.

In passing it was necessary to go giving them classes of corporal expression and how to defend a subject so complicated in practical terms.

Build a dron

Getting the first nail burn was also included.

Build a dron

Build a dron

3. The electronic

The most difficult thing was to take care that they did not touch the plate and they were to damage it with pure static. Programming the remote was relatively easy but setting the propellers did take time ... the night arrived.

Build a dron

Build a dron

4. Occupational hazards.

It arrived half a day and we realized that we needed connectors, duct tape and something to fix the screws before the vibration. First trip to the hardware store and buy something for lunch, because on mothers day there is nothing in the kitchen.

Build a dron

Damn JR male to male cables were not on the bill of materials. They had to juggle to get them. Also the programming card came from outside the United States, so you had to request another DHL route, one day the other will come from China.

Build a dron

When everything did not work, you had to bite your nails by searching the Internet. Either way.

Build a dron

And in the face of despair, ask someone on Skype, a shame that the resolution of the webcam is so bad ...

Build a dron

In his goals, an architect and two systems engineers.

Build a dron

We upload some photos to Facebook, and they already have an offer to shoot some aerial shots.

Although they still have to defend the project in the classroom, get them to at least raise 50 centimeters and convince the teacher that the physical laws applied are as valuable as demonstrated stubbornness, so that you select them to have a stand at the Fair.

I also have to convince him to edit the video of the process we recorded, put a touch of Guns n 'Roses in the background and enjoy uploading it free to Geofumadas Youtube Channel.

Not bad to be your first Dron. I tell them there

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  1. Congratulations! All a pride for the papoose.
    Lima Peru

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