The Bentley Map V8i Changes in 2011

The 7 day of April Bentley held an online conference, where he showed the products for the geospatial area conformed in the so-called Bentley Map (Select Series 2). The event was in charge of Richard Zambuni, Global Director of Marketing in the geospatial area and Robert Mankowski, Vice President of Development.

It has presented the potentials based on advantages that Bentley believes to have: a GIS tool with CAD precisions, direct integration to Engineering lines, natively support many vectorial formats, rendering on the fly and capabilities for 3D Cities.

The changes in what we had seen in the last two years are significant. MapScript and Cadastre disappear and become part of Bentley Map, while PowerMap seems to diminish its capabilities towards PowerView and a new business line for high puffs emerges.

Basically the line has been left with three main products:

  • A lightweight version called Bentley Map PowerView,
  • A full version named Bentley Map V8i
  • And a business line called Bentley Map Enterprise V8i

More or less what I expected In my assumptions, although I hope some doubts are clarified in the BeTogegher. Let's see what difference there is And what legacy products are included:

Bentley map v8i

Bentley Map PowerView V8i

It's like a version similar to the well-known PowerMap, but cheaper. You can create maps, edit xfm data, read Bentley I-models, import spatial data, load raster layers, create applications on the API.

This version supports Markup, which is something like what Redline used to be for future revisions. I do not yet understand what they call it: Layered «For MicroStation» Installation Which is disabled for this version.

The creation of maps is limited to a single model per dgn although I have already passed a tip to skip this close and editing data within a space base requires a Geospatial Server license running with a connector to Oracle Spatial.

We understand that with this version it would be almost what PowerMap, although I will wait to download one and try it because it seems that there are several capacities diminished although it is not like that. Although it can be developed on this, it would be necessary to see in what conditions is the Geospatial Administrator and how much of Microstation is included in its vector editing capabilities.

Bentley Map V8i.

This version, in addition to the PowerView capabilities, supports the export of data to I-models and other geospatial formats, data editing on a spatial basis. This version also supports 3D modeling, but only on vector layers and can convert labels to annotations.

What is new in this version is that it has been integrated Cadastral Mapping Configuration to the package, which disappears Bentley Hotels And the program includes good smokes for the management of multilevel topologies, interaction with COGO data and tools for transactional parcel editing.

Cadscript The other tool that is integrated is Advanced Map Finishing, or what we used to know as MapScript. This has several functionalities for printing management under an intuitive approach, including very good effects such as transparencies and postscript output module management with more control to send to PDF.

Another great integrated functionality is the Extension for FME, with which you can interact with almost any vector and spatial data format. The best I've seen in terms of interoperability, knowing that FME will be one of the main outputs with which we will see the CAD and GIS merging into a single routine.

Several commands have been integrated, some as new and others modified, such as the separation of processes in the Fence and editing raster data that I hope to review in another post.

Bentley Map Enterprise V8i

This version is for high smoking processes. Includes texturing on models 3D, DEM, indexed display and editing of raster layers indexed in an Oracle database, spatial analysis in 3 Dimensions with flow for decision making.

From this, we may soon be seeing smart cities projects in 3D by Canadian and Danish projects. At the level of the Hispanic market, there are many elementary things to solve to think about the application of this type of projects; Maybe in Brazil or one of the countries where Charter Cities are promoted we can see something.


In general, we find an interesting passage from Bentley, summarizing different products of the geospatial field in three scalable: One light, one complete and one astral.

Bentley Map is a high-level software for geospatial projects, with capabilities that surpass many others in the competition.

The change at no time affects the logic of previous processes, there are no new formats, rather consolidates applications that were already days in the Gent capabilities of Bentley Map.

However, it continues to be an application with a good positioning only in the market where Bentley has its forte, mainly in Civil and Industrial Engineering and, in very large markets (United States, some countries in Europe, India, Brazil) to give some examples. With everything and the fidelity reached by the users of this brand, its position is low at the level of CAD users when compared with AutoDesk users; while in the GIS medium, when other applications are included, it is a bit more competitive compared to AutoDesk but continues very low when compared with ESRI.

We are aware, they are different and logical markets for the integration of different platforms. While AutoDesk has recently exploited the design market and tries to merge the mapping with the Engineering, ESRI remains merely GIS, Bentley prioritizes Engineering and as a plus has ventured into GIS but with a focus on existing customers.

This situation, given the generation of sufficient profits and relative positioning, closes the doors towards the recovery of foreign territories.

In the case of Bentley, it must be recognized that in terms of capabilities, Bentley Map has the potential to do almost anything with great integration to web developments, engineering projects, transportation, plants and BIM trends. But for the purposes of a new user, buying Bentley Map on the web, opening the box, the manual, installing and then wanting to implement a project is not very simple nor is there so much material on the Internet where you can find developed examples with which to guide yourself. It requires formal training and assistance, understandable but are also barriers to the growth of this software towards new users who are used to popularized free or proprietary software.

In this sense, we will see the growth of Free SIG users more than Bentley Map. Although at the company level, large cadastre projects, engineering firms looking for more, Bentley Map is a great alternative.

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