Geofumadas: Long trip in 8 photos

It has entertained me during the last days a kilometric tour through scattered territories. Theme of which little I approach in this space, trying to take care of the anonymity of what is my work field and the pleasure to share technological subjects with the other collaborators of this community.

I have been able to check the connectivity power of the Ipad on this trip, the tracking of the GPS that is never lost because it does not depend on the Internet signal, even the accuracy is quite accurate despite carrying it in the car at a regular speed. In summary I leave some images that speak for themselves.

The car barely fits on this hammock bridge. It is necessary to even fold the mirrors so as not to stick with the cable ... it is exciting, especially when the boards creak as they are giving way.
A bad slip on the gravín and the volada would be spectacular on a precipice of more than 400 meters. Of course, the morning view is magnificent, in the background the town where we were heading.
Right here I was when my son called me to give me the sad news that the tortoise Phillip definitely escaped and that my daughter worsened with fever.
The meals are a pleasure, no longer something of lard to cook but with good flavor. Libras more, pounds less, and almost nobody counts at this point.
travel The same point from where the tongue depressor is displayed against the light. The cadejo goes out in the afternoon to look for unsuspecting hens, the dirty one falls in love with the hummingbirds from a river stone and they say that the roadrunner is a woman who, by burning her husband's leg, became that colosua.
travel Temperature: 38 degrees centigrade

Dust layer on the road: 6.5 centimeters not confined

Width of roads: 2.63 meters in double track

Fires: one for each 100 kilometers traveled.

Unavoidable cases: A good allergic flu due to dust, heat and some complicit virus.

I already want to see the massive rural cadastre process that starts next month.

Impressive church design, built back in the 17th century in a village that at that time will have had 10 houses.
This is one of the oldest in the Central American isthmus due to the design of the interior moldings and paintings, a shame that is about to fall to the mice that inhabit it. My friend did an incredible panorama.
This is the memory, in a day where I chose 8 of the technicians that I still have. There they see R! M! p! m! And p!

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  1. In the photos, La Unión, San Rafael, Las Flores, La Iguala and Talgua. All in lands of Cacique L!

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