See UTM coordinates in Google Maps and Street View

Step 1. Download the data feed template. To use the example we have shown in the images you can download this template.

Step 2. Upload the template By selecting the template with the data, the system will alert if there was data that could not be validated; Among these validations includes:

  • If the coordinate columns are empty
  • If the coordinates have non-numeric fields
  • If the zones are not between the 1 and the 60
  • If the hemisphere field there is something different than North or South.

The description data supports html content, like the one shown in the example that includes the deployment of an image. The same would support things like links to routes on the Internet or the local disk of the computer, videos, or any rich content.

Step 3. Display the data in the table and on the map.

Immediately the data is uploaded, the table will show the alphanumeric data and the map the geographical locations; As you can see, the upload process includes the transformation of these coordinates into geographic format as required by Google Maps.

Dragging the icon on the map you can have a preview of street views or 360 views uploaded by users.

Once the icon is released you can have the visualization of the points placed on the Google Street View and navigate on it. By clicking on the icons you can see the detail.

Step 4. Reproject data. By default, data loading is in WGS84, as used by Google. But this functionality allows you to change to another system of projected coordinates and refresh the map. As an example, I'm switching to Clarke 1866 and see that the vertices are re-projected onto the map.

Here you can see the template working in video.

Download the Kml map using the gTools service.

You enter a download code and then you have the file that you can view in Google Earth; the application shows where to obtain a download code with which you can make downloads up to 400 times, with no limit on how many vertices there may be in each download using the gTools API. Just the map shows the coordinates from Gooogle Earth, with the views of three-dimensional models are activated.

Here you can see this service in full page.

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  1. How and where set in Excel file the 35T zone for Romania? For me not working. If i put 35 only show my coordinate nera Central Africa?

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