What we will see in the Be Inspired 2010

Be inspired

A couple of days ago I received the invitation to attend the Be Inspired 2010 that this year will be held between the 19 and 20 in October. There will be no event in the Americas, only in Europe, and what better place than Holland, which in this type of technology is almost the European showcase.

Cadastres such as the National Registry Center (CNR) of El Salvador and the Unified System of Registries (SURE) of Honduras, have much of their technological conception in the Dutch cadastre.

General Plenaries

The agenda is divided into masterful exhibitions on the first day, which are divided into at least four simultaneous lines, all with the orientation of the new that is brought in the 12 lines that Bentley has been betting consistently:

  • Architecture
  • Bridges
  • Government (which includes Cadastre and Territorial Development)
  • Mines and metals
  • Generative design
  • Road design
  • Distribution lines and networks
  • Manufacture process
  • Airports and special facilities
  • Transportation and trains
  • Hydrosanitary systems
  • Construction

Obviously, for Bentley, the GIS theme is just one of many things that are dedicated to astral smokes. Possibly we see something of the I-model that we could visualize last year At the Charlotte symposium, more integration of Project Wise with BIM in XFM format.

Round Thematic Tables


On the other hand, the second day there are days on specific topics. Honestly the themes sound half astral, but just for this are these events, to inspire where the technologies in the field of engineering are going. More than being a technical knowledge is tactical and strategic, very different from what were before BeAwards events because Bentley Institute ran with simultaneous trainings (now Be Connected), they will know why they went to This format And it sure is giving them better results.

Here I summarize some tables from which I calculate their intention.

  • ProjectWise in multidisciplinary teams
  • SCADA environment management for water projects
  • Design of optimized buildings
  • Train projects with integrated information
  • Smart cities through smoked 3D models
  • Engineering in intelligent infrastructures
  • Workflows in structural design

Be Inspired 2010 Awards


Also the event will allow in its second opportunity under this format, the awards ceremony of the best innovation initiatives.

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