The best of Micro Center

Yesterday I was talking about the madness of MicroCenter, Now I want to make a list of what I found most salvageable.

In general, the prices are not significantly low compared to those found in a Hispanic country, but the variety and novelty is. Many of these things do not come, or they do when they are obsolete around here.

The American world is focused on digital TV, analogue converters, new plans and many new TVs. Maybe my interest in the machines has diverted me, but there are many interesting gadgets, exchange cables and small things.

These are some teams that have caught my attention:

  • Fujitsu LifeBook P8020, from what I most liked, 12.1 ", Intel Core 2 Duo, pitifully brings Windows Vista and its price exceeds the 1,400 dollars
  • images (3) For 100 dollars less, the same Notebook, with Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo.
  • M-6888u Notebook Gateway, few can be seen after Acer bought Gateway. These machines are high performance, always were. 4GB Dual Channel, Intel Core 2 Duo, 320 GB SATA and comes with an ATI Mobility Radeon 512 discrete memory graphics card. $ 599, you just have to remove the Windows Vista
  • Similar to the above is the Toxhiba Satellite P305D, but it costs $ 200 more, and the Pavillion dv5-1250us that is worth $ 250 more.
  • Acer AspireOne are just $ 279 and if you cry for a while, they'll give it to you in exchange for another purchase. For $ 329 you can get the 10 Acer "with 160 GB but with a normal SATA disk, not the 5400 RPM which is what makes the performance of the Aspire One bad.
  • Also, in the Clearance & Overstocks for that price was the 8.9 Acer with normal SATA, what happens is that there you have to be lucky if they are still available.

images (2) Not bad Emachines, who walk in $ 300, but with an AMD Athlon but for that price, with 14 "and 2GB DDR2 Dual, can give results in the short term.

Interesting the Microsoft authorized Refurbisher, there exist reconstructed equipment with a year of guarantee with which you can solve basic problems for a school boy.

$ 129, an IBM Minitorre with 512 MB and 40GB. It's a mess to work CAD, but if your son is bothering your super computer to do tasks and investigate Wikipedia ... it's enough.

images (1) The Macs are expensive, yet the MacBook 2.0GHz was $ 999 and the 1.83 GHz Mac mini for $ 499

But if you want to see something wonderful the Mac Pro Quad-Core, with 3GB with an Nvidia GeForce card with 512 MB. But here if you have to cry, $ 2,499 is a lot of money but it's worth it if you consider what it has.

And the one of clicks, an external disk Maxtor of 1 TB OneTouch 4 Plus, just for $ 119 and the same FreeAgent, also with 1 TB to $ 109, to finish dying, of the brand Drive Station, the same TeraBite DriveStation, for only $ 99. Ughh !!! I paid that for 320 GB a couple of months ago.

Today I will see if with the Houston Crawl I can make some basic necessities, I will also go to a couple of garage sales to not boast of the silver that I do not walk.

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  1. Thank you Teacher, I will take your advice

  2. Dual Core Processor 2, at least 3
    RAM 3 Gb
    Video card, Nvidia Geoforce are good
    Hard drive, no matter, almost all are big now, 160 on

  3. for the civil 3d and revit that recommends me to buy, achieve good render and speed to design roads

    Video Card

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