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Some time ago gps were instruments only used by agronomists, surveyors or technicians dedicated to geolocation. Nowadays they are everywhere, from vehicles to cell phones since Internet access was facilitated on mobile devices and global positioning functionalities were brought to the traffic environment; This makes the topic very popular with young people even if they have no idea that it is 20,000 kilometers overhead.

gps news

El blog News gps It is one of those sites that is dedicated to talking about technological innovations in GPS, from the most modest to the most modern, with bad precision for measurement but with very good applications for navigation and online gadgets to indulge yourself. Among the best advantages that this blog has are:

Organization by categories

In his blog, the author shows us different toys categorized by brand and functionality; for example I can choose the category Magellan and I appear immediately:

The model Roadmate 1430, Roadmate 1400, Master 5340 ... and so all post that have Magellan as a category.

There are also some other important categories like being:

Option to advertise

NewsGPS is a monetized blog, so if you are interested in offering your products to those who frequent this theme, have alternatives to display ads and you can also find important links to sites of interest always within the same line.

Direct contact with the author

When I was doing the review, I found a broken link, I sent the query to the author and immediately responded; this gives me the idea that if you have doubts surely he will be able to answer you and go that is everything a crack by the style of writing.

Recently started a forum, to answer the doubts that users may have and at the same time open the opportunity for the community to get in touch.

So if your thing is to look for new gps models, or compare different brands, I recommend you News.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Very interesting site that you promote, and I continue to explore it in depth! It never hurts to learn about the latest developments in the GPS world, with all the advances that are made every year.

  2. Hello, I have read that Garmin has a gps ecological that tells you the shortest route and allows you to save fuel, someone has used some and can tell me how it works?
    Thank you!

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