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Reading in the forums of Cartesia I found this website, LisTop of a company dedicated to provide topography services in Chile. 

For the services it offers, it seems to me a good reference for clients in Chile, since its services range from surveys to GIS applications. Something that I found interesting is the download area, where they have some practical utilities.

DXFListop v. 2.0.
Transforms a point cloud in order P (point), N (Northing), E (Easting), Z (Elevation), D (Description) to an 2d or 3d dxf file.

CaptoXY v.1.0.
Capture 2D or 3D coordinates in Autocad, allowing to export the points to an Excel spreadsheet.

CaptoDist v.1.0.
Capture Distances in Autocad, allowing to export the points to an Excel spreadsheet.

Lisp routines

There are also some interesting Lisp for AutoCAD for text size control, text rotation, conversion from 3D to 2D and extraction of coordinates and properties of points in AutoCAD.

The page is colorful, although the registration form requires a compulsory registration to invent a commune, even if you choose to be in another country ... also the registration launches a crazy error.

So go there and take a look.

3 Replies to "Recommending a website: LisTop"

  1. Very good data, although I disagree with the best thing that has the page, since for me, the best is the free program of calculation of closed polygons and that works very well, like ring finger.

    Thanks to Listop and to this site, of course.

  2. Thanks for the information and congratulations on the site, it is one of my favorites on the subject, regards.

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