Gains from my recent routine

This life is much like an embroidery with a multicolored design, stretched by two wooden hoops just like we did at school. Every stitch we give today becomes a brand of design that represents our lives in its entirety, and by the way while we do not make the final knot, it will be incomplete. Each thread connects with one that we have done before, in another color, in another time, in another stitch, in different space; And will also be connected to other actions that sooner or later will remind us of good or bad moments of our passage through life.

The other day a professor of those who have the magic formula of changing the world, but enough pessimism to ensure that the country can not change or that the only way out is the right knife-wrenching wrist on the left, gave us this challenge:

"Tell me one thing you see of this life, that makes you happy.

For a moment I hesitated, but I took hold of what I had already said. I made him see simple facts of a routine week that bring us complete satisfaction, if we dedicate to it enough passion. Finally I do not know if he was convinced because it is difficult to tell him the taste of oranges to whom he has never tried one. Conste, I live in a Central American country that is at the end of the table of violence, poverty and corruption.

I would not change for nothing, go on Friday afternoon to the Olympic track, and after a few rounds in reverse reward of the greaves of the Farm Carmen, sit with this guy and see how his innocence, immaturity, rebellion and dreams me Remember that I myself would change many things to know that he is happy. Because that makes me happy. Even those that are part of my freedom and passion but that would put him at risk.


At his 13 years, he has dreams that will make him successful beyond what I have been. And that makes me happy, even though there are missing challenging years and it is already in the days that he questions the rules, raises his voice ... but he also hugs and says "I love you daddy".

After presenting the Demonstration experiment of geolocation, has come to be sure that he has one of the best teachers of Natural Sciences. Although she also confessed to me that she is convinced that she herself did not understand the subject, then she said «We should all be interested in these satellite computers«.

Sure there are things in life that go very bad, but your daughter will climb on you and tell you that you enjoy those two hours on Friday afternoon ... it changes your life.

Although in the photo the shirt is falling down and it seems that I am pregnant, I love the photo, the position and his smile.



It's those little moments in life, those that remind us that life makes sense. Do not believe it, I'm worried that this girl in her 10 years retains a good few minutes in the mirror and has too premature a taste for shoes.

But living the moment gives the words flavor. Having it as a chewing gum in the back and doing the camel race, not only confirms that I have not 27 years ... also I still enjoy it.

Last night we started that puzzle of 3,000 pieces again. Even though my wife will resent the dining room table for a couple of weeks, it's time to be together for what it's worth.

My mother who is visiting my house joined and almost dawned working in a passion that says only she has been able to enjoy now that she has grandchildren. And he enjoys it!

In the afternoon of Sunday, while eating a delicious Thai salad in La Creperie, I meditated a little on how many times the time is going away, lamenting us for the decisions that we could have taken. For that girl from the school that we never saw again, for the race that we abandon for which we now have.

And just that can make us waste our time on the things we now have and that should bring us pieces of joy. Although we are not happy with the exchange policy, because the balance of payments is negative or because the Busan Agreement will be just one more step to show that the politicians of this country can not get it ahead.

I like the sign that is in the entrance of this Creperie, to the bottom of the image that in the letter of Isabel Allende says:


I repent of the diets, of the delicious dishes rejected by vanity, as much as I regret the times of making the love that I have left to do to occupy myself of pending tasks or by puritan virtue, since to make the love is component of the good health, Inspires creation and is part of the path of the soul ... Unfortunately I delayed 30 years to know !!!

The decisions in life, we take them because we love what we have. The memory of the past is the evidence of the seam of the soul. More intense could not be, and if it is not, is the memory.

The things that make us happy in life, in the long run, are the ones we should not change in our weekly routine.

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