Today I want to do something different

Open my mail without clean up spam

To love you without to recode Your bad times

Arriving late at work without think in my boss

Drink an adrenaline without revise its contents

Fall in love with you without reason Yes i'm allowed

Plagiarize an article without respect its author

Draw a polygon without return To view in extent

Read a post from the Chocolate Girl without To chew on thrice

Manage Geofumadas without moderate a comment from Viagra

I get to sleep at eight o'clock To make sure If the pajamas are upside down, if I set the alarm, if I closed the kitchen door properly, if the Phillip tortoise dined ...

It is curious: if we want to do something different we must leave on one side verbs such as reasoning, seeing, thinking, reviewing, remembering, respecting, making sure, returning, cleaning, moderating.

It will be because seeing, implies re-seeing what we already know and have seen before. Reasoning means re-analyzing what we have already defined, re-applying the logical, moral, spiritual and empirical sense. To think is not necessarily to innovate if we fall back into the same preconceived ideas. To stop doing those things seems to live like a zombie, however it could be that doing them is more like the automation of routines.


It is also curious that doing something different seems to be all bad, irresponsible, irreverent, discourteous, reckless, inconsistent. In short, almost everything ended up in being ... as a delinquent.

Today I want to create a solution from a failed product

Write an article in honor of a hated character

Working a product that has been tested does not work

Paint a picture on the board of a taxi

Twist the target into a Cosine envelope with four Cartesian axes

I slept in my chair thinking of nothing ... except you.


Today I will do something different

Forget me to remember you

4 Replies to "Today I want to do something different"

  1. I want to do something different to fit in the air step of everything I know someone different I am happy I am super overwhelm of everything and I would like to leave the rotena where I am to be happier ..

  2. Heh, that reminds me of the story of forbidden love. Tender, thanks for picking wheat ears from this wheat field.

  3. I do not know who is dedicated, but I did something different against my destiny and I live with that someone who did the different to make me happy.

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