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New-side-covers The August edition of Maximum PC has been great, it is somewhat more expensive than the others of its level ($ 9 in the USA and $ 12 in other countries), although to subscribe Just worth $ 25 a year, with 12 editions.

After PC Magazine eliminated its print edition in English, I started consuming this magazine, usually without buying it, for the cost of a good moka coffee. Its reading made me feel a different flavor before the linear and predictable content of that and the Geek freshness of this, without losing quality in its writing. Among the most attractive of this edition:

The race towards 8 MHz.

at A collectible article by Erik Klein, based on the experience of a morning in the Museum of History of the computer, which shows the most influential news in the 40 years that took to reach the first IBM PC 16 Bits. Incredible, this 286 was the first machine I used to run SAICIC 2.

The article has photographs and specifications like RAM, CPU, operating system and innovation that made it stand out from the following models:

1971-1975 Years Kenbak-1 (1971) Xerox High (1973) SCELBI-8 (1974)
MITS Altair 8800 (1975)


1976-1980 Years IMSAI 8080 (1976) Apple I

Commodore Pet (1976) TRS-80 Model I (1977) Apple II (1977)
Exidy Sorcerer
Atari 400 / 800 (1979) Apple /// (1980)
1981-1985 Years Osborne 1 (1981) Epson HX-20 (1981) IBM PC
Comodo 64 (1982) Franklin Ace (1982) Compaq Portable (1982)
IBM PCjr (1982) IBM PC XT (1983) AppleMacintosh (1983)
IBM PC / AT (1984)

In the end, the editorial staff guys comment on their first computer. Aside, there are interesting articles like:

  • 8 Firefox Add-ons that you probably do not know
  • 9 ways to prevent disasters on your PC
  • If you weigh less than a goose, then it's ultra portable
  • La Acer Aspire One inside

Page Maximum PC Contains material of the same level, can be followed with Twitter and Facebook, it is also possible to see the Previous editions In pdf format, although only 3 months later, so May 2009 backwards can be downloaded for collection.

Each edition includes a CD with some podcast and never despicable software.

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