Google Earth improves how to notify your update

Every two months approximately Google Earth has been updating its images, but the way to notify has been only mentioning the country, the nearby city and even a couple of times said it in this regard:

Look, we have updated images, we do not really remember where to check on their own where the rays were ...

This time, they have included a kml file that has the updated areas in the month of August.

As we had noted before, Google only announces substantial changes, for the case, officially says there were changes in:

  • Mexico: Guadalajara, León de Los Aldama
  • Bolivia: La Paz
  • Brazil: Curitiba, Tocantins, Aracatuba,
  • Paraguay: Asunción
  • Argentina: Rio Cuarto, Santa Rosa
  • Spain: Beasain, Costa del Sol

google earth image update But seeing the kml file shows that minor changes exist in other countries such as:

  • Guatemala
  • Honduras (swan islands)
  • Panama
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • Cuba

Note that, for example, only a couple of locations are mentioned in Argentina, but the map shows many small spots that are not reported.

Some changes, as is the case of Navarra is the mirror and water of dams, although only changes are reported in the Basque Country and Costa del Sol.

In conclusion, it is a better way to notify, perhaps afterwards make public files of previous updates. On the part of us: -Well, by Google, surely they still wonder why they did not do it before.

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