Ipaq PC in Topography with Semestations and Total Stations

I had heard of this, but in this video that a friend reports us, where it shows the Ipaq as external device advanced connected to Semantication and Total Station.

This video addresses the most common questions made by professionals in the area of ​​Topography and geoengineering about the characteristics of Ipaq and the benefits of using it as an external device with software in Topography in the field (in real time)

Ipad pocket

About the Ipaq Pocket PC as an advanced external device for the Semiestaciones and Total Stations in Topography:

The iPAQ Pocket PC is a handheld computer that can connect with semiestaciones and total stations, programs that are installed (FieldGenius, Cartomap, TDS Cogo, Pocket Topo) allows to work in the seismic area and traditional surveying tools in the field ( real time) that previously only had the PC programs (desktop computer), this allows to make immediate decisions in the field and improve performance up to an 50% in several cases and eliminate the errors of lifting, staking, etc that cause cost overruns since you stop working in a way Blind And goes to see What is really being done on the ground.

The Ipaq Pocket PC can be used with any station that does not record points, in stations that record few points or stations that record many points, the only requirement is that it has the RS232 communication port (where the cable is connected to the PC), It can be used in the brands Topcon, Sokkia, South, Leica, Pentax, Nikon.

Even the Ipaq Pocket PC device can be used in old Semiestaciones (1984) even in recent stations, the only requirement is that it has the RS232 port, the communication cable between the semi-station and / or station and the Ipaq Pocket PC device is delivered to the respective brand (Topcon, Sokkia, South, Leica, Pentax, Nikon). Of course the cost of the Ipaq Pocket PC collector is lower than traditional collectors and contains more work tools.

For Topographers who still have Dots (those that do not record points) this device will allow them to return to the terrain and perform advanced work without having to make expensive investments by purchasing expensive total stations, for Surveyors who have old or new total stations can use this device To have Land-type tools in the field.

The Ipaq Pocket PC used with GPS

The Ipaq Pocket PC also serves to work with different types of GPS (RTK, L1, L2, singles etc), the communication is done by Bluetooth, cable or card; it is used in Topography with GPS, Cartography, Routes, Geographical Information Systems in the field (GIS / SIG).

Working with TDS RECON

For professionals who have the TDS RECON Collector or similar, you can install the programs to the device and thus have more working tools; The TDS RECON collector is customized to be able to restore the equipment in the field without having to resort to the computer (office) wasting time and work in that process.

The video is more than enough, there is no doubt that it is an interesting adaptation. For those who had questions or contributions, I leave John's data

John Afanador R.

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  1. Hello I need field genius for my ipaq how could I get it?

  2. Dear friend, I am from Venezuela, we have a big problem when it comes to getting dollars. There was even a new devaluation. That is why I could not bid for the program if we could negotiate the value in Venezuelan currency and be able to deposit in an account the money I am very interested in. But I do not have the opportunity to accept it.

  3. Excellent information I have a semi station Nikkon topgun D50 and I would like to know the price in dollars of the Ipaq and if they already give it with a toppgrafi program and how much the RS232 costs. Urge me, I write from El Salvador. regards

  4. Dear friend, Greetings:

    I am interested in the program for ipaq I would like to know the cost, and the cable for the station I have a pentax.


  5. Dear friend, it is the case that in Venezuela we have a big problem when it comes to getting dollars, there was even a new devaluation, which is why I could not offer for the program if we could negotiate the value in Venezuelan currency and be able to deposit the money in an account I am very interested but I do not have the opportunity to accelerate it.

  6. Where can I download the mentioned programs?

  7. hello I have my aipaq but I do not get the cable for a semi station nikon a20lg I would like to know if you have it and what pressure you have to offer in Venezuelan currency to be possible thanks

  8. I would like to know the price of the collector in Bolivian pesos

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