Influence of 10 + Twitter accounts in the geospatial environment

A few days ago we made a suggestion of 15 Twitter accounts to follow. To close the year 2012 we review the first 11 of that list, considering those that have more than 1,000 followers; data that we believe will be useful for those who like Internet statistics and step to learn some SEO applied to social networks.

We are including some aspects that characterize them with a little more detail:

  • The followers / following relationship. This, to differentiate between that account that has many followers but follows so many that the reciprocal voting relationship causes a kind of noise. So, for someone who has 500 followers and follows 500, their relationship will be 1, if it follows more than the ones that follow it, it will be less than one.
  • The nodes of influence. These are reflected on the map at the same approach scale, indicating in magenta when there are more than 1,000 followers in a concentrated region; the red color indicates nodes with more than 100 followers, orange with more than 10 and celestial less than 10. This we have taken using the potential of Followerwonk. The application simulates where the followers of an account are doing a correlation based on the real followers and in case of accounts with many followers, as if they had 5,000.
  • Authority, this is an index that provides, In which it makes a weighting between different conditions, like related followers, consequence of activity and how effective it is that the followers of an account see the contents promoted.
  • Additionally we are placing the main 10 keywords that characterize the followers.

We clarify that there must be others, but because our priority is the term GIS and the geospatial medium, we limit ourselves to these 11 accounts. 5 of them with Anglo-Saxon approach, 2 with priority to the Portuguese context and 4 of the Hispanic medium. On this occasion, the order in which we will place the accounts will always be the number of followers, although in the end we summarize which accounts have better conditions. We hope to update this article over time, as many of these data change with the activity.


With 11,125 followers, it has 3 nodes in the United States, 3 in Europe, one in Asia and one in the American Caribbean.

The relationship with followers is 4.46 and Authority 67.

The keywords of the followers: gis - technology - geospatial - data - solutions - information - business - social - software - mapping

Geofumadas twitter accounts


8,057 followers, as can be seen, the only with a magenta node (1,423 followers) in Brazil, additionally two reds in South America, two in North America and two in Europe.

Sadly following many more of the following, which gives a very low 0.91 follower relationship

At this moment the authority is zero

Keywords of those who follow him: gis - geography - environmental - geography - life - student - teacher - environment - company - world

Geofumadas twitter accounts


With 4 red nodes: two in South America, one in the United States and one in Europe.

2,945 followers and a relationship to the following 2.21

Authority 56

Key words of those who follow him: gis - geography - information - geographer - sig - engineer-geography - esri - gestion - student

Geofumadas twitter accounts

To Mayo of 2014 this is the update of Esri_Spain

Twitter geofumadas


2,301 followers; The vast majority of the Anglo-Saxon environment, which can be observed in 6 red nodes, 5 in North America and one in Europe.

Of followers: 2.11

Authority: 39

Keywords of his followers: gis - geospatial - data - mapping - information - technology - professional - esri - solutions - maps

Geofumadas twitter accounts

To May of 2014 this is the update of URISA

Twitter geofumadas


Currently with 1,831 followers, two nodes in red show that the greatest affluence is in Mesoamerica and the Iberian peninsula.

Authority 69, 4.67 follower relationship

Followers: gis - information - engineer - geography - topography - sig - geographic - geographic - software - systems

Geofumadas twitter accounts

To May of 2014 this is the update of Geofumadas:

Twitter geofumadas


This account has a red node in Spain and one in South America, in the area of ​​Bolivia.

Authority 14, Relation to your 1,816 followers: 0.91

Keywords of his followers: geography - gis - geographer - information - student - sig -ingeniero - ambiente - geografica - topography

Geofumadas twitter accounts


This account has a very focused node, in Spain and with distributed influence in Latin America.

Authority 21, Relation to your 1,543 followers: 2.12

Keywords of his followers: geography - gis - geographer - information - sig -topography - student - master - engineer - geographic

Geofumadas twitter accounts


1,376 followers, with three red nodes: 2 in the United States and one in Europe. His relationship with followers is 1.91

Authority 44

Followers: gis - geospatial - data - mapping - solutions - software - information -technology - land - business

Geofumadas twitter accounts


1,375 followers, with two red nodes in the United States and one in Europe. Relationship with followers: 1.35

Authority 46

Followers: gis - geospatial - data - information - geomatics - mapping - sensing - remote - services - solutions

Geofumadas twitter accounts


This is another account positioned in the Portuguese medium, with 2 red nodes in Brazil.

1,218 followers, with whom maintains an 8.82 relationship

Authority 45

Followers: Geography - geography - geoprocessing - gis - student - technology - geotechnology - teacher - environmental - engineer

Geofumadas twitter accounts

April 2014 Update

Twitter geofumadas


1,023 followers, with an 5.19 relationship and an 6 authority.

It is an account with two nodes in the United States and one in Europe.

Followers: Land - surveying - gis - engineering - surveyor -solutions - professional - services - geospatial - construction

Geofumadas twitter accounts

In short, accounts that are interested in keeping track of what happens in the geospatial medium. The following table includes the percentage how the 34,608 followers are distributed and how these accounts have grown in the last 8 months in which they have obtained a total of 7,885 new followers in an average of 29%.

Account Content Followers Relationship Followers Autho
% Grew in 8 months
@gisuser GIS User Tabloid of news of the geospatial environment. 11,125 4.46 67 32% 29%
@MundoGEO World GEO Portal of web contents, events and magazines in the geospatial environment. 8,057 0.91 ? 23% 21%
@Esri_Spain Esri Spain Esri's official account in Spain 2,943 2.21 56 9% 31%
@URISA URISA Association of GIS professionals 2,300 2.11 39 7% 34%
@geofumadas Geofumadas Contents for users of CAD / GIS technologies 1,831 4.67 69 5% 44%
@orbemapa Orbemapa Blog with GIS, GPS and other topics 1,816 0.91 14 5% 34%
@comunidadign IGN Community Space promoted by the National Geographic Institute 1,545 2.12 21 4% 30%
@gim_intl GIM International Geospatial magazine, printed 1,375 1.91 44 4% 32%
@pcigeomatics PCI Geomatics Canadian field-oriented company for remote sensing and associated services 1,374 1.35 46 4% 38%
@ClickGeo Anderson Madeiros Much Fresh Content in the Geospatial Field, in Portuguese 1,219 8.82 45 4% 41%
@POBMag Point of Begining Survey of topography and other related sciences 1,023 5.19 6 3% 29%

GIS User is the largest number of followers, ClickGEO which maintains a better followers / following relationship. Geofumadas the greatest Authority and we are pleased to know that we are growing.

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