Be Inspired Media Briefing Day

Now we have the first day, before the Be Inspired, destined to the press; with the most important trends that Bentley Systems expects to move at the media level.

For now, my first impressions.

  • Pointools seems to be the best Bentley acquisition, in my opinion. An important company that was the previous CEO of Bentley, Joe Croser, an interesting work, which not only moved the interest of Bentley and AutoDesk for the joint collaboration in the management of cloud points data but a strategy by the neutral support with the main suppliers of equipment for data capture.

Be inspired 2011

  • Bentley Descartes V8i has been called the DTM with steroids. And it is that Bentley seems to presume (again) the reason why many of its loyal users love it: the robustness of the platform to handle data on the fly. So that 680 millions of points, on a digital model of terrain and an orthophoto hunted on the TIN, with zoom and robust panning could be a great attraction of the V8i.
  • The other trend is marked in the Hypermodels, a way to call the BIM under the premise of forgetting the 2D planes, to handle cuts and cross sections at any point and fully dynamic. With this, the integration of the geotechnical applications, with the geometric design of roads, structural design and simulation of energy consumption is all a smoked. A few years ago I talked about it, And is the concept of a single model, no matter how many people or applications touch the files ... One Model ... Several Products.

The trend is maintained in a complete process of creating, publishing, protecting and distributing data from the desktop to the cloud, without thinking about files but about real models. Bentley placed Microstation very well, now he wants to do it with ProjectWise ... and at the time it will be AssetWise ... although not yet.

Be inspired 2011

  • And finally, although the afternoon is young, mobility is in an irreversible trend. The alliances or acquisitions with AECO and Tekla seem to mature beyond the simple applications hitherto posted on the ApStore for iPad. The potential is in ProjectWise, with which they want to take the data management of I-models To an interoperability context that will really benefit everyone.

Be inspired 2011

Other acquisitions such as Formsys leads to the management of oil systems beyond, now includes floating platforms. In the case of Raceway and Cable management it is another approach to the BIM concept, in which almost everything is connected as is the real world.

Valuable alliances are striking, as is the case of AutoDesk, which for a long time is still managed as a strategic partner rather than a competitor (it is assumed), before talking about integration with Revit, now mention Civil 3D. Interoperability proves it and is understandable from the two big ones, although every day we see more closeness with Microsoft, who could in the future have an important influence since Bentley Systems is still a great global company at the head of a family patrimony (go patrimony ).

Near 70 media representatives, from 20 countries we are here, to convince ourselves with our own eyes. The iPad stands out, more and more common on the part of the editors, also tweeter, Much better than last year; The hashtag is #BeIn2011 and can be tracked to be up to speed almost in the minute.

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