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The 11,169 geodesic vertices of Spain

En this page I found an excellent content, from the pen of Javier Colombo Ugarte

In this study, apart from explaining very clearly the reason and the implications after the adoption of the ETRS2007 has been established since 89, that page presents the 11,169 Geodetic Vertices of Spain (VG) in WGS84. It is also offered, each and every one of the VG in kml format to be visualized in Google Earth

Geodesic vertices

In the link called "Section 1" there is the inventory of the GVs organized according to altitude and province, with a link to the data of the National Geographic Institute (IGN), and the possibility of opening an individualized file of each GV in Google Earth,

vg spain

In the link called "Apartado 2º". you can open the complete VG files in Google Earth by province

Geodesic vertices google earth

Additionally there is a Excel file which has the list of all the sheets, with its name, autonomous community, province, municipality, GPS coordinates and elevation.

And a mesh of all the leaves 1: 50,000 of Spain in Excell !!!!

Excel geodesic vertices


In these times that many believe that it gives all the importance to the final products, running the risk of forgetting its origin, particularly seems to me a great effort, worthy of recognition above all because the web seems built to pure html 1.0 web style and Not reading a database.

Go there And take a look at it

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