The wish list for AutoCAD 2010

Autocad 2009 Although AutoCAD 2009 has just been released, and half the world is looking for a way to “Buy it online” :), the remaining wish list for the 2010 version is interesting:

Wish List Not met AutoCAD 2009:

  1. Convert PDF to DWG, With the capabilities that have pdf now, it would be nice to be able to extract the data without having to do it with Adobe Illustrator
  2. Configure Transparency to solid hatch, So that these fill colors can be seen better when printed.
  3. Block the Scale in a viewport While panning
  4. Option to send All hatching in the background, it happens that all the people who are disturbing the front and it is always necessary to send them to the bottom ... if there was a button for that we would save a lot of time
  5. Comparison between Two drawings, that could be called a drawing and make a comparison with the other showing the changes in another color and some statistics of difference between objects, levels, blocks ... or something that for the great .... help us understand one version of another. (Of course, if you can add the Historical file it would be better)
  6. Power option Enter text In paragraph within a dimension, something like a mtext
  7. Can lock the Display order Of one or more objects, although if they could do as in Corel Draw, that with ctrl + page up or shift + pgup you can manipulate the order of objects
  8. Power to convert a Conventional to dynamic block Without many turns, or in block or by selection, but that is not so turbid as now.
  9. To call Raster images referenced as if they were external references… what the cheles call “overlay”
  10. You can print the Multiple formats all at once, for example one-time print file (plt), pdf and dwf. It is not true that tenders often say that the files come in DWF format, pdf and dwg ... and do that one to one is to die for.

The list is long but these Are the most voted wishes.

I would tell him:

  1. May be turned off and on layers with a single click and without going to that panel at a time ... or in block with a simple mouse drag.
  2. You can call multiple raster images without consuming the the memory that way so suicidal ... surely there must be a way to do it.
  3. Take back the command fence Which they abandoned long ago, such as editing fencing selections
  4. That English commands they work in the Spanish versions ... it is terrible to be lost in a legally purchased, erroneously chosen Hispanic mission.
  5. That they can be written Directions and distances In a column, instead of Old fashioned saying @ 44.45 <36d ...
  6. That the Last command is always active, unless another is chosen, for example, if I make a circle with radius 20, the same command is kept without having to do circle, enter, enter, enter again ... or if I make an offset of 20, multiple choice remains the same width until you choose another command. Why am I asking for this? because the creators of the PC are considering eliminating the ESC key and there as we fucked everyone.
  7. Jolín and that the command “list”Display the info on a table and not on the sausage, which is of little use.

Do you fancy someone else? Total, the 2010 version should bring new things, as there is a saying that The versions AutoCAD pairs are reforms, the odd ones are just makeup.

It is interesting that after the What's New in AutoCAD 2012, There are still issues on the mat.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. hello how could you help me please elos thank you much earlier in autocad used to select and then enter the command and enter and executed it but now my pc is restarted and I have to enter command first after selecting and enter and it is executed and I think it is not in my opinion it is more agile as I had it before thanks for your help

  2. I want to add the areas of each polygon that you select and when I finish selecting, with an enter, I throw the result. The truth is very intriguing to know.

  3. If you do not know where to put your wishes for this 2010
    Add application

    Here are your wishes or promises I hope you like it goodbye

  4. Apologies: pg * no, I wanted to say * pgp (you know, the custom autocad commands) Anyway, what would happen to me without my commands!

  5. Well, I didn't like the 2010 version at all. A mess of toolbars that hide and open and hinder you or you can't find them ... It's hard for me to adapt to this version, I can't see the news, except for the dizziness I have to see new buttons, it's hard for me to identify . Thank God customize pg !!!
    By the way, in my pc I always have the 2006 version, for me there is no better version.

  6. Right button on the screen, choose “options”. Then you choose the “display” tab and then “window elements”, there you can choose the color you want for the background.

  7. Sorry someone knows how to change the background color white to black porq I can not find the option?

  8. It is a pity that this useful software continues to be updated year after year but that we still owe so much, I can still make drawings of good quality with the 2000 version which if I revolutionize its 14 version, I have the 2004 version on my computer and it does not count I had given of the differences with the most modern version 2009? 2010? I think it's just about doing business, there really is no improvement, autocad is a technical drawing software and should perfect just that, the technical drawing.
    AUTO CAD is full of tools and commands that most users do not know because it is not practical to learn so much just to make drawings.

    In short my wishes:
    An explicit way that tells you where exactly a polyline is open that should be closed
    A way to divide polygons by area
    An easier way to set work scale, paper size and measurement units from the start
    A layer order mode like photoshop
    2010 ?? I want my autocad to understand my spoken commands to see if it is true that we are in the 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oliver:
    Regarding the issue of hatch, although it is not possible to trim this, the AutoCAD 2010 version has integrated the option of extending a non-associative trim to a certain line, which more or less solves your query.

    The thing to improve the display of the available hatch catalog ... is a good idea, hopefully and walk

  10. 1.- That the hatch can be cut in a certain limit, several times I have made a texture in a certain limit and for various reasons I had to cut those limits, it would be good if the new autocad allowed to cut the Hacth, with the TRIN command , and so do not have to return to texturize every time you move the limits.

    2.- That the hatch custon can be visualized just like the default of the autocad, usually when one loads new hacth in the custon palette only a long and serious list that could be displayed in group as the default hacth is displayed. (Osea figurines).

  11. incorporate a variable "vba programming for autocad" that handles all the characteristics of a bulge type object in a polyline

  12. Some things are possible ..

    But there are some that I would like to add

    - Correct the error of the dimensions, I mean when you scale and then move the object, in many cases the dimension moves very far above all when you copyclick from one file to another-

    The transparency of the hatch is possible but only in the printing (putting the option screening in a color in the printing table), it should be seen while working ...

    Gruop comango, should be improved, should use the 3ds max system that allows you to group and ungroup quickly without having to take so much work in the fucking box that autocad has.

    The rotate command should generate infinite copies when using the copy subcommand, instead of just one as it currently does, it is very inconvenient….

    It should include a radial distribution hatch (no program has them that I know of) it is difficult to draw perpenticular fillings of tambourines when they are curved, the straight ones are done well but if someone has had to draw this they will know how difficult it is, especially if not know the meansure command ... hehe

    - I have others but at the moment those are fine—

  13. I know that from 2006 onwards you can block the windows to be able to make "bread".
    is selected—> and in the properties box—>Dispaly Locked: yes!, because it comes by default “no”… 😛
    the layer thing ... Express menu ... or a simple lisp routine.
    and the hatches ... there is the filter or Quick Select command ... all the hatches are selected ... and that's it 😛

    To my taste the improvements should go side system requirements ... especially for a linux autocad sold with ENDORSEMENT autodesk ... that! it would be spectacular 🙂

  14. the autocad 2010 should incorporate clouds and skies with color degradation, change positions to the clouds and ke the clouds add the reflected color of the sky for a more realistic render: the 2009 only has sky or sun but that is not enough, and its degradation colors have no sun

  15. The blocking of the scale in the graphics window did not refer to what I understood ...

    They ask that you can use the PAN command and that the scale of this graphic window is kept constant and does not change.

    Well, that can't be done with the current versions ... but I don't see the use of it either.

    As for the “shortcuts”, they are just that, shortcuts or command customization, so you just have to enter the acad.pgp and customize it… 🙄


  16. Thanks for the clarification regarding the low script for the commands in English in the Spanish versions.

    Although the shortcuts (L) for Line, (tr) for trim are not if they always work in Spanish versions =

    I'll check the express tools, to see if that's what I mean.


  17. Hi, Txus.
    “block the scale in a viewport…”, it is possible that the Spanish translation does not have the original spirit. This is the English version, let's see if you can help us understand what this wish refers to.

    Summary: The ability to lock the scale of a viewport, while still allowing the ability to pan within the viewport

    Description: It would be nice if you could lock the scale (zoom factor) of a viewport, but still allow panning within the viewport.

    How Used: There are times when the scale (zoom) may be accurate in the viewport, but I need the ability to
    “slide” (pan) the view within the viewport.

    Feature Affinity: Drawing Tools 2D

    Submitted By: Chris Lindner on September 13, 2007

  18. – “Lock scaling in a viewport while panning”

    This is possible to do (we talk about paper space, right?)

    – “That the English commands work in the Spanish versions… it is terrible to be lost in a legally purchased Hispanic version, wrongly chosen.”

    Any version of AutoCAD, if you type the command in English preceded by the underscore “_” it works fine

    -“That layers can be turned off and on with a single click and without going to that panel every time… or in blocks with a simple mouse drag.”

    Have you looked at the commands of the EXPRESS routines?

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