The Geo wave in Brazil

Recent events in the geospatial field have entertained us with the Brazilian community, as if for a moment it were the center of Latin America. It is not for less, theories such as Goldman Sachs Group they project it as one of the four emerging superpowers, with a global domain for the 2050 year; along with Russia, China and India, where the term BRIC comes from. This type of projections are based on well-founded studies, plus some capitalist premonition that wants or does not move the economic interest of companies and boost initiatives for investment.

It is difficult to predict what will happen within 40 years, with the way human beings are destroying natural resources, including Brazil as a terrible example. But it is interesting how the World Bank currently considers Brazil as the largest economy in Latin America, the second in America and the seventh in the world.

With the slight particularity of the language that it does not share with the rest of Latin America, Brazil constitutes a hope of economic attractiveness for the southern cone and in general for the continent. In Agriculture, it remains the largest coffee producer, in the Livestock it has the first world bovine hut and the 80% of the oil consumed by its 190 million inhabitants is produced locally. The ranking of the Banks of Brazil and Italú dotting at the Latin American level, the position of Petrobras on Pemex and PDVSA or the size of Rede Globo are just examples of Brazil's economic growth.

And returning to our field, insurance Brazil already brings its years growing in the economic issue, but the international visibility is a somewhat recent aspect. Apart from the Second Encounter of Users of Esri that will take place this August, three important aspects have me entertained in the Carioca environment:

Geospatial world1 He Latin American Forum Geospatial, which is developing right in these days of August, enhances the issue, concentrating the interests of large companies in Brazil. Although this event can be seen as an isolated event, it is due to an external intervention to position this sector by GIS Development, which systematically carries out at least 8 events of that level in Asia, the Middle East and Africa and, in addition, is an editor of the Geospatial World and Geo Intelligence magazines.

Geo world2 The MundoGeo group and its integrating scope. This is a company that in the geospatial issue has achieved an enviable position in terms of the confluence of efforts, including the publication of magazines, forums, alliances with representative companies and the recent launch of GeoConnectPeople, which will surely absorb the Spanish-speaking community. The InfoGEO, InfoGPS and InfoGNSS magazines are examples of the avant-garde that the subject has taken in the area.

Seeing what's happening with GeoConnectPeople in just a couple of days (more than 700 members) makes us think we'll have to learn some Portuguese before Mandarin.

Geo world3 The Be Insipred of 2011. The disproportionate interest we see in Bentley Systems in Brazil is due to this effort to make the sector more visible. However, it is a company with less participation compared to AutoDesk, it happens that like Apple it pays to keep track because they reflect the behavior of the innovative market in the field of geoengineering.

In my recent participation in the Be Inspired, I had seen in isolation the participation of Brazil, including gaining themes as shown in the following table (Apart from Sabesp SA and LENC) but always staying in the energy field.

The company SGO, In 2007, won the first place in the category of energy resources with Petrobrás. Geo world

In 2020 : Engevix Engineering Won the first place with the Coqueiros Hydroelectric Turbine.

In 2020 : Matec Engineering Won a prize in the BIM modeling area. Geo world

But for this year 2011, at least 14 projects from Brazil have already confirmed their participation in the Be Inspired that will be realized in Europe from 8 to 9 of November, as shown in the following table, and now in infrastructure, mining And hydrosanitary systems.




SEI Consulting

Crystal Project

Innovation in Mining & Metals

SEI Consulting

Salobo Expansion

Innovation in Mining & Metals


CSA Railway Branch

Innovation in Rail and Transit

AMEC Minproc

Mining Plant with 3D Modeling

Innovation in Multimedia

Sabesp - Un. Neg. Leste

Water Supply Optimization & World Cup 2014 Study

Innovation in Water & Wastewater

Sabesp - Un. Neg. North

Optimization of Vila Santista Booster

Innovation in Water & Wastewater

Matec Engineering

Plannig Innovation of a Medical Center

Innovation in Construction

Volkswagen do Brasil

New Painting Building Facility

Connecting Project Teams


Santos Dumont Viaduct

Innovation in Roads


Expansion of the Road SP 067 / 360

Innovation in Roads


Santa Catarina 108 Highway

Innovation in Roads


3D New Technology Implementation Mothodology

Innovation in Process Manufacturing

SNC Lavalin Minerconsult

Simandou Project

Innovation in Mining & Metals

Magna Engineering

Operational Diagnosis and Contigency Plan

Innovation in Water & Wastewater

In conclusion, the Geo wave takes strength with the contribution of Brazil, Open Source also has a significant boom, in GeoConnectPeople there is almost group created for the different existing OSGeo solutions. The first Latin American GvSIG Days were held in Brazil, and the Third of this year will be there again, a topic that I hope to speak about in a specific article.

In good time for Brazil, and the possibility that its development will bring us benefit to the continent.

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