GeoConnectPeople, social network for the geomatic environment


The geospatial community now has a new space to converge.

We are very pleased to welcome you GeoConnecPeople, a social network to which we guarantee the convergence of users and companies in the geospatial field. This is an ideal complement for users who continue to have forums, magazines, events and blogs that together keep this sector informed and active.

The initiative is promoted by GeoConnect, we believe will have a quite accelerated growth in the niche that make up Portugal and Brazil, due to the particularity of their language. However, it will be well received by Spanish-speaking users as a response to the role that is expected take Brazil as an emerging power; additionally, the position, business alliances and audience that GeoConnect already has is a valuable guarantee of sustainable growth.

geoconnectpeople social network

It's amazing the integration you have with networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ with whom it is not expected to compete but to integrate. A pity that does not include LinkedIn, which would come from the best because it is the network with better guidance to the professional environment.

Built with the Ning API, GeoConnectPoeple has features well known already by Facebook users in social networking:

  • It can be accessed with an existing account in Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook or Twitter
  • Allows you to import contacts from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL
  • Create groups, forums, blogs, events.
  • It allows uploading photos, music and videos (not just embedded).
  • It supports inserting html code, something that is not possible in Facebook and with which you can monetize contents.
  • The rich text editor is very robust, allows you to insert multimedia content and link files.
  • Includes chat room.
  • You can send invitations and also create badges.
  • Allows you to load applications supported by Ning.

Maybe what it requires is a couple of days to adapt, since many features are the same as they were on Facebook, before it ruined them without asking us. It is also necessary to see what evolution it has regarding content in different languages, which over time will suggest some type of segmentation.

For a few hours of the first day it reached more than 200 members, and groups were started for users such as ArcGIS, OSGeo and Quantum GIS; so we expect its growth to be sustained and inclusive between the commercial and the open.

So .. to enjoy GeoConnectPeople.

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