Omen, my recommendation for cinema

presage nicolas cage Presage is a film by Nicolas Cage, which I recommend to visitors of this blog who are passionate about lat / long coordinates.

I do not expect to tell you the story because you lose interest but basically it is a pinche leaf with numbers that a girl in the sixties writes and that are placed in a time capsule. 50 years later is open, and Nicolas, who is a cartography teacher, starts to check if they have any logical sense in supporting the internet and online map services.

It is interesting that the numbers correspond to a list that includes the latitude, longitude, date and number of deaths of major accidents in the last 50 years, some of which are about to happen ... and they happen!

The special effects are great, but the suspense that certainly has a high degree of cosmological sense, for those who understand that dimension is very interesting.

In the end it leaves a strong impact, which will depend on the religious point of view of the spectator. Critics shoot her, but I recommend her, instead of going to sleep watching the museum night.

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