The holiday in 10 + photos

Finally the rest of the vacation comes to an end, satisfied to have been with my family enough time. A great loss my Benq camera, the photos (most) have been the best effort of the cell phone. The quality is bad, the story behind it, there will be time to buy a new one.

Checking a farm in the vicinity of the village El Tigre.
The mosquitoes were criminals, they stick and suck blood without feeling the sting.
The happy guys, they received a Christmas keyboard. Google Earth He brought them a wonderful new guy.
I downloaded the books and tried my the memory.
At the border of the big crater. In the background the small crater, which is a meteorite impact. lake and volcano
The Google shot shows where those in the photo are standing, at the foot of the larger crater. The other arrow shows the bottom crater. google earth crater
They bathed until they had their hands like white raisins. pool
The sunset On the south beach, a great view. Next to the fish market built by the Galician Cooperation. night coast
We made a volcano of sand in Playa del Burro, a dead crab appeared. donkey beach
Then we saw some areas of historical center where the Junta de Andalucía has restored. iglesia
It's funny, but in a single vacation several well-known people they went ahead. 2 church
Wordless, a very dirty beach. After the photo, we had to check where we were standing. 6 beach
We removed the learning wheels to the my daughter's bike. And he learned after a couple of scrapes. Bikes

Who took my borrowed camera, the joke is in bad taste. I can only say as an old man from the south, "come back for the charger, so they do not have to buy one".

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