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If my cousin had used twitter, the vocal cords of my aunt (QDDG) would have had a better life.

Many things have changed in the way the new ones are voiced. Life makes 35 years was simple, after the second day of classes -Because they were two- nothing mattered, nor the tasks, nor the examinations, nor the tutoring of the parents -That I did not obsess like today-. images Our cousin Wil, by inertia, he ascended from his house on the banks of the stream to spend the afternoon in our patio, in an old game that did not have to throw seeds of cashew nuts into a hole. Under the leafy tamarind, the hours passed without anything happening in that dusty courtyard. Whoever gave more seeds, the more he earned.

Wilfedooooooooooo !!!!

It was all that our friend occupied to collect his gain, to shake the dust off his navel and to throw himself downhill before the Aunt Leda He would say his second Wiiiiilllll !!! Which already in combo insurance included a punishment.

twitter (1)

Six years ago, email was the way to tell us that he had won an award at the Be Awards. Everyone we expected That Juan, with his official parsimony, warned that we were very close, that we were finalists, that we did not dream but did not despair, that we were winning.

Now, in the Be Inspired 2010, the articles that the package brings are similar, quite common, though not all:

  • A reprint of "The Year in Infrastructure"Which will be in my bookseller for about ten years,
  • A fine pen with allusive serigraphy, which will go to my daughter's collection for 5 years, While becoming adolescent And send it to the box of cursilerías,
  • An Pintosa Hard paste book that does not make me want to scratch, I would like to keep it in the collection, but my son will surely break in a week with his Awesome drawings,
  • A magazine with the event schedule that is discarded in three days.
  • And a leaf that says to the letter:

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Geophysical amsterdam

Yes sir, social networks have come to change the way we warn. Like the plaintive scream of my aunt when she called Wilfredo, The warm greeting of Jeff Thurston who Announced on Vector1 It has sounded before the event starts. The representative of social media, -What is your name?- it will do the same with what guest magazines do, some with many years of importance, other fans that have positioned themselves in our niche. Every laugh and tear of the Bentley brothers, the sponsors, the winners and even this post will sound on twitter.

To date I have come to understand half of the business model of Facebook, and more or less I imagine where it goes with its people's Internet. The same cost me chewing the logic of the business of feeding fools virtual chickens. But to understand twitter seems more complicated, we digest it when we see it working here, although in the common sense nobody can imagine where a service will walk that the only thing it does is that:




It is just what my aunt did, to make a cry, that was different from ours when we claimed because my brother always did -And at the same time- trap. But it worked, and in the same way it happens with twitter, because science is not in the bizarre azure blue bird, but in the authority that has the one who throws it. When Dell, Bentley, CNN, Univisión and other large companies place a celestial bird in the footnote, we understand what the potential of this microblogging service means, which came to give more use to the @ and numeral symbols #.

It is common now, to mention the famous people of this social environment with a before. Although in a large majority, Twits! Are useless warnings from mobile phones, with bedrooms Controversial, Autosam and people making noise for every gas they release. And not only by twitter but by the multiples that have come out as the annoying Buz of Google!. But the ingenuity of the twitter creator will remain that: the common sense of life applied to a short form that holds up to 140 characters. A simple twit! which becomes howling when a user with 50,000 does.

So is this life, changing, shocking entry for those who one day use AutoCAD 11 in an 286, with black background and offensive orange letters. But so are these trends, unpredictable at the beginning and predictable at the end, as will be the one in this post:

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