The true size of the countries Is an interesting site, where you can locate countries on a GoogleMaps viewer.

By dragging objects, you can see how the countries with the latitude difference are distorted.

As shown in the image, the cylindrical projection, when attempting to PaisesmapsA projection on a plane forces the areas to distort as the latitude approaches the poles.

Google's algorithm increases the situation by considering the geometry of the earth as a perfect sphere; Unlike OpenLayers that emulates the flattening of the poles.

To insert a map, you only need to type it in the left pane. Placing the mouse over the object will show the area in square kilometers. To remove an object from the map, click the left mouse button and, if you want to clean everything, use the icon in the left panel.


See how interesting, that dragging Canada to the equator, is almost the size of Brazil.


Russia is really small compared to the entire African continent and Peru is much larger than many European countries.


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