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ScanControl, Inc.ScanControl is a website with a lot to show, but the one that has caught my attention the most is that it has presented a series of demonstration videos of ArcGIS in the first place, which is not surprising because it is a very popular tool; but the interesting thing is that it also presents a series of Manifold GIS videos, a tool that is growing but of which little content in the form of videos has been seen from this application.

videos learn manifold arcview

All videos displayed in ScanControl are built with Adobe Captivate, so they have progress controls and visual aids of what is running. They can also be downloaded to view them in flash player at a better resolution.

This is the list of ArcGIS videos

1 Section: Creating a GeoDatabase from ArcCatalog

Section 2: Linking external tables to the GeoDatabase

Section 3: Formatting map content with Database Query Results

This is the list of videos of Manifold GIS

Section 1: Importing geometries and linking to data

Section 2: Using queries to filter data and generate thematic output maps

Section 3: Linking to Google satellite images

4 Section: Adding Points

Section 5: Georeferencing digital images

6 Section: Creating kml files for Google Earth

Section 7: GIS Empresarial (Enterprise)

  • Database Configuration
  • Using GIS Empesarial (Enterprise)

Section 8: Cutting drawings and data

Additionally there are other videos in GIS Advisor about Manifold GIS, and although they are paid they are quite good.

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