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A love story for geomatics

Here a story taken from the blogosphere, unfit for the technophobes, perhaps occupies more than the imagination of Alex Ubago.

Out of sight.

It was a gray afternoon, unworthy for a blissful trip to Montelimar, in Nicaragua; The sea breeze warmly covered the skin in granules of salt Pixelated Like orthophoto on a fish brought from Santa Cruz in Easter. In the background he complemented the noise of the waves against the cliff, remembrando the rain of fish of the same sea bass to half bitch of the professor Luís Murillo, In those strange parentheses of the pentagram of the Technical Institute Regional of Minas de Oro.

The beach desk was watermarked with the company of a girl whose multilayer design was optimized to OGC standards, in services that at that time required Parseo to 64 bits.

His eyes were deep and they laughed, hiding quick glances to avoid betraying his preference of falling in love with the intense, with butterflies in the stomach in the morning and tears of pain in the bones with insomnia; No matter how hurt again. His small lips adorned a thin face in three quarters of a smile, unrecognizable to the work session where he had tried to speak little and say a lot in between, old-fashioned lawyer, sure to be more Geomatics what leguleyos. His complexion was clear or dark, confused between the sunscreen and the pattern of untanned geometries, natural collochos that did not define divine originality by the recent pomp, the biweekly treatment of the beauty salon or resignation to the criminal salty soak ; appeared to be smooth polygonals with sharpness Topological.

The afternoon remained monochrome, sitting by the beach we watched as in the distant horizon, reckless lightning amasijaban the ribs of gray clouds that built volumes and sienas of Renaissance paintings. The waves approached every twenty-seven seconds in their white wreaths of sparkling brides and They dropped to become the grandmothers of the water white village, While the yellowish glow under the clouds went up in simple stream and fell in imagescript with concise blows to the soul.

Right on that beach had been a few years ago in the overwhelming decision that is only taken once in life and that after eight years, two chicks fighting with him learns with me and the mortgage amortized up to the equivalence of rent, simplify the composite integral To a linear equation whose m is positive; Provided that b has been warmly increased. Although in the previous scenarios we had been suggested regressions Trigonometric Which oscillated between heaven and hell, depending on the size of the sample and the frustration of the instructor.

His feet played with the fine sand, making a mosquito shape on a children's Thursday, immaculate as a still life model. They were white, unglazed nails, shy almost like a fearful crab that abandoned the vicinity to the risk of being repositioned in the unconscious Geocoding. More in the background, the music of La Casona sounded a song clouded by the thick breeze and blasphemous volume of lawyers.

- Although the moon does not shine tomorrow ...

A charming waist, trimmed neatly by an orange bathing suit of flowers, two smooth legs that timidly covered with one hand while with the other frequently pointed the horizon whenever a lightning might be interesting; We find in the sky a lizard, an elephant and a rabbit that later became a primitive object UML Connected by lightning to a three-dimensional model of Lemmen.

- Hopefully, may your eyes shine ...

When you are in front of that distant gray horizon, before the curtain of guascanal spines alternating the seeds of San Pedro, you feel in the clouds the blowing of eyes that see you, storms that you feel, hearts that surely miss you. The truth is that the few seconds of our existence do not serve to analyze what would have happened if we had made other decisions, and you are surprised how on the other side of the fence others envy what your momentary perception may not be optimistic.

The time was short, the lectures of fear and the philosophy of good humor adapted to Gml For mobile, so you can count. I realized that you can only love once before the inevitable dualism of delivering the corner of butterflies in the short term or keep a relationship worth gold in the long.

- Tell me so many times of passions ...

The hot taste of the baked potato remained in my throat, his four laughs at the joke of the pepito vase throbbed as expected, I also let out two laughs at his first joke and two obliged before the second because I already knew him; Neither of the two jokes I remember, but the words that crown a friendship that lasts a lifetime I can not forget easily, even if we separate two zones I Traverso And the necessary correction of Datum.

- There are so many things to tell you ...

I did not see her again and only enjoy her arubic friendship in couriers that she alternates with her contributions to the beauty salon in relation of one to five, her scripts They ignore the distance and presume the complicity of a coffee granita around the corner. Somewhere possibly he cries like we do, he suffers his attempt at the endless mastery that consumes his pretty eyelashes, like mere mortals too. Her heart surely has not changed, she still expects that character to understand her geospatial indexing before the contour lines of her base cartography, in that attempt she is possibly willing to risk what she has already suffered, but determined to love in the only way that know, in Intense C #.

- May your light shine forever because you deserve it ...

One of the paragraphs in the story was hidden the last time I edited the html; When I tried to compensate your perverse curiosity and add the dictionary of Geospatial modeling I realized that the file exceeded the amount of characters of the cybernaut.
Je je, as my fallen friend from Canary Islands says, Jolin in your favor.

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Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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