TwinGeo - Redefining the Geo-Engineering Concept -Y1E1

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the first edition of the TwinGeo magazine, which carries the term Geo-engineering as the cover story. The magazine will have a quarterly periodicity, with digital edition enriched with multimedia content, download in pdf and printed version in the main events that are covered by its protagonists.

The main theme of this edition is the re-evaluation of the term geo-engineering, as that spectrum that includes the value chain, from the capture of the data, to the start-up of the business model that was initially conceptualized.

In its central page comes an infographic that reflects the evolution of the terms GIS, CAD, BIM that in their historical contribution have been maturing not only the trends of standardization in the management of information but have represented a common thread that is leading to the re-design of the processes of the so-called «earth sciences», increasingly less exclusive. The spectrum in the infographic extends to that merger of the BIM + PLM in the framework of the fourth industrial revolution for now flagged with acronyms such as Digital Twins, SmartCities with a horizon that instead of looking distant will surely bequeath without us noticing as well as It has happened in Uber-Airbnb-style industries.

Another of the main articles talks about trends in Land Administration, specifically what the Cadastre 2014 proposed, on achievements and challenges not yet covered in this field, where the models of the natural environment must be merged with the transformation models brought about by the human being. Also, the tendencies to which Cadastre 2034 aspires are presented, with an approach of final user that has a more active role in the updating and infrastructures of spatial data, the linking of rights, responsibilities and restrictions of public order, under a approach to registry techniques and not only spatial relationships.

Consequently, with these two main articles, five use cases are included; three focused on the modeling of the primary data and two on the result of adopting BIM to improve the processes of the industry.

  • Plex.Earth where Lambros tells us about mixed CAD-GIS solutions from the need of Civil Engineers,
  • e-Cassini, its founder, shows us how a repository of information from the topography is feasible as a truly single point Hub.
  • The president of Chasmtech explains how digital terrain models derived from satellite images are acquiring accuracies quite close to those obtained directly.

twingeo magazineWithin the framework of this theme, the magazine includes news from leading companies in the industry; AutoDesk, Bentley Systems, Esri, Topcon, Trimble, Hexagon and Microsoft.

We invite you to enjoy these 60 pages of reading, while we launch the next edition. For now the magazine is offered in digital format, through the printing service and shipping on demand , physical format will be found in events where its protagonists participate.