Structural Masonry Course with ETABS - Module 6

With this course you will be able to prepare a real house project with structural masonry walls, using the most powerful structural calculation tool on the market. ETABS 17.0.1 software

Everything related to the regulations is explained in detail: Regulations for the Design and Construction of Structural Masonry Buildings R-027. and the latter will be compared with the recommendations of ACI318-14 regarding the design of shear walls.

Likewise, the incorporation to the Rolling Footing Foundations Design Model, using Interaction-Soil-Structures. In addition, a Real Study of Soils of the Area will be carried out.

What will they learn?

  • Prepare a structural masonry project

Course requirement or prerequisite?

  • Interest in the calculation of structural masonry

Who is it aimed at?

  • Engineering Students, Engineers with or without experience and Architects.

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