Structural Geology Course

AulaGEO is a proposal that has been built over the years, offering a wide range of training courses related to topics such as: Geography, Geomatics, Engineering, Construction, Architecture and others aimed at the area of ​​digital arts.

This year, a basic Structural Geology course opens in which the main sources, forces and forces that act in the formation of geological structures can be learned. Likewise, all internal geological processes and external geological processes that can trigger geological hazards are discussed. This course is for those interested in earth sciences, and all those who need to obtain precise and concise information on the most important geological structures: such as Faults, Joints, or Folds.

What will you learn

  • MODULE 1: Structural Geology
  • MODULE 2: Stress and deformation
  • MODULE 3: Geological Structures
  • MODULE 4: Geological Hazards
  • MODULE 5: Geology Software

Pre requirements

No prior preparation is required. Although it is a basic theoretical course, it is quite complete, simple, the information is synthesized and includes all the necessary content to understand the deformation processes of the earth's crust. We hope you can take advantage of this course. click here! to view all course content.

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