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Autocad 2010 AutoCAD 2010, Wow!

This is the name that Heidi has given to this revision of AutoCAD, just one year after we Talk about AutoCAD 2009. Coming from an aunt who has been seeing the novelty of each year for 17 years, it may be worth taking a look. Several of them are the ones we had Course in october, I am struck by the fact that the cover image that represents this 2010 version that has been called "Gator", resembles "Generative Components" ... it sounds to me.


  • Transfer of license, it is possible to transfer a license through the web connection, from one machine to another, so that you can use the one you have in your office, on your home machine, and on your laptop when you are traveling. Sounds like a great way out to me, while also being able to solve the use of floating licenses in an office, so they can use it on different machines (not simultaneously). It works through an AutoDesk license server where the license has to be exported, it is released from the machine and is available to import again from the same or another machine.

Printing and online services

  • Export to PDF, Sending to pdf is being expanded, layer attributes could be sent, more control than we want to send.
  • Call a reference from a PDF, This is one of the best efforts, and was at the top of the wish list; Implies that a pdf file could be called reference as if it were a dwg, dgn or dwf, Autocad 2010Is understood to maintain the georeference and can even be snap on the geometries contained in this pdf.
  • AutoDesk Seek, You can access and serve files benefiting from the web connection.
  • STL Support, Now an 3D object can be printed under the support required by some online services, also through the eTransmit.

Construction of data

  • Autocad 2010Parameterized drawing, Is the name given to a kind of configuration that could be given to geometries, for example, that a trapezoid is half its height; So it could be applied when working the section of a retaining wall, and just draw the height would create the geometry.
  • Dynamic Blocks, an approximation to the reality of what they represent. It means that it could give properties to the blocks, such as saying, this is a door in plan, it will always have 10 cm thick both the leaf and the counter frame, but its widthAutocad 2010The hole width may vary, as well as the width of the wall. In this way we could use the same block for different types of door based on an attribute table.
  • Achurado, Are giving you better capabilities, such that a non-associative hatch could be edited and extended to a boundary.

3D job and display

  • Autocad 2010 Smoothed digital modelModeling a surface could be smoothed out, Heidi says, so hunting an image on top of it would look more realistic. For this I suppose they have worked hard to improve the processing speed, if not, it will consume much more resource than it no longer has. Although for designing parts with a mechanical finish, whose color is flat, it looks good and does not require much memory.
  • 3D Juggling, now the view of an object could be manipulated in three dimensions without having to define a rotation axis. This to give more functionality to the Wii controls that are becoming popular, which means that with the mouse wheel pressed could be created turns as is done with Google Earth.
  • Selection of sub-objects, Now a grouped 3D object, such as a cube could be selected their individual faces; As well as when you are touching objects in Corel Draw, that although they are grouped, the functionality comes as a filter but I hope that with the button ctrl can be selected and changed their properties without exploiting them.
  • Rotate Viewport, Great !, can be rotated keeping the orientation of the drawing or turning it too.
  • Preview the model, As well as you could see from a layout, also now you can from the model.
  • Sheet sets, Greater control of the sheets and tables to be published.


  • Application Bar, In the upper left end will be adding option to enable or disable toolbars, to please those who are not yet in the style of Office 2007 but not bad for using the verticality of the monitor.
  • Autocad 2010Ribbon, Mara liked it, but asked for more flexibility to find the tools, so now should be more manageable its conformation.
  • Quick access barSeemingly more similar to what people associate with Windows applications that have set commonly accepted patterns. We will see if it is as simple as "send to panel".
  • References, Now, when calling a reference, Ribbon / isert has the necessary controls to define the properties of the file being uploaded, be it dwg, dgn, dwf, raster or pdf.

Sizing and text

  • MultileaderAutocad 2010 , It is now possible to mark indications from one to several, that is, with a single text several indication arrows, associated of course.
  • Dimension text, Is now more controllable, practically move it where you want to put without much return.
  • Search and Replace, It is now possible to highlight the texts resulting from a search, possibly in a table, and to be able to zoom the entire selection.
  • Mtext, Now multiple text can be manipulated by the 8 control points without ruining life.
  • Spelling, Now includes undo and redo in case you make a mistake, Hallelujah!
  • New Features Workshop, To know the novelties of this version ... will have to survive with this annoying command a whole year.
  • CUIxTxus will know what that means, apparently it is a novelty implemented so far. We'll see if there is a reaction from our friend.

Miscellaneous Utilities

  • Autocad 2010 Measure, Grouping the measurement of Area, distance, radius, angle and volume, supposes that it could be done in a more practical way. Although we all expected it to be tabulated and not on the command line; if so, the properties of a series of lines would be like an easy table to send to Excel… it remains to be seen.
  • Purge, It is now possible to purge linear objects with zero length (they are not points), also texts that did not contain characters ... that well, because the topological cleaning was crazy because of this type of trash.
  • Action Macros, You can configure linear processes, perhaps similar to what in ArcGIS is called "geoprocessing", you have to prove it.
  • Object Size Limit is increased to at least 4 GB (depending on your system configuration), providing more flexibility ... ?????? No idea what that will be.
  • Initial setup, it is associating the user's preferences to the workspace automatically. I understand that when the user enters they could choose the working environment with certain display preferences, units, snaps, ucs, etc.


  • Reverse directionThis is a great feature, a linear object can be changed in its direction. Currently, the property is acquired as it was built, but it is not possible to modify it unless it is drawn in reverse or rearranged. Very practical for routes of streets and stations of a polygon.
  • Autocad 2010 Life at the spline, it will now be possible to convert a spline to a pline. Let's remember that a spline generated conflict for the calculation of area or to join it to a spline; oh, and if an innocent did contour lines using this ... he was doomed to die.
  • Layer color, It is now possible to change the color of the layers without having to open the panel directly from the drop-down menu.

It seems that the change will not be significant with respect to what AutoCAD 2009 implied, only improvements than what already exists, but it must be remembered that many of these new features are valuable. I must admit that it will be necessary to test the version, to make sure that what we have understood in this post is indeed the case. For now, the Noise has started in what we will know the rest of the year as AutoCAD Gator 2010.

Here you can download the guide of novelties of AutoCAD 2010.

Here You can see the videos Demonstrating the new functionalities.

Also on Youtube there are some videos of AutoCAD 2010 LT.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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