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1 Problem: Acer Aspire One: audio hangs

I have been using a netbookFrom my constant travels I have decided to try to get rid of the HP Pavillion and do heavy work on the office machine. My back enjoys it, my eyes not always.

Acer aspire one


For the GB of RAM you have, for now I am enough with light applications, I did not install what I did not occupy but my needs and above all without pirate:

  • For Office: Office 2007 Enterprise
  • For CAD: I installed Microstation Geographics V8
  • For GIS: I installed Manifold GIS 7x
  • For the Internet: Chrome, Yahoo Messenger and Google Earth
  • To blog: Windows Live Writer, incredible
  • For security: Avira free version
  • Apart it brings basic Windows accessories.

It is surprising the machine if they are fixed without being heavy tools few would have recommended it, but to be honest, it works well for purposes of training, travel and blogging ...

until today…

It turns out that in the need to connect the total station to download data, after suffering the headache of Prolink I was recommended a pretty handy tool called Sokkia IO Utility and since it was confused of ports I ended up doing not be that disaster.

The problem

The applications lifted almost 100% of the cpu load, and since these hard drives are not high performance it became a bit slow, I could check it in the task panel. I noticed the crisis when I started to listen to music, and the audio stuck like Alex Ubago had a chicken stuck in his throat.

Possible solutions

As the internet connection was a calamity I started to make several attempts, including changing the paging memory, closing unnecessary services, changing the startup tasks in msconfig. And nothing, the help of Windows said that there was a process running and that it could be a virus, which killed the memory for background applications; I discarded it because I particularly trust Avira more than Nod32.

The exit

Well, the way out is in the community, I spent 15 minutes connecting to the internet and 15 seconds finding the answer. Although I was lucky because my search went to memory, there are thousands of tips that talk about audio, drivers, codecs and more. But the problem is memory, it seems that Windows This shit It goes crazy in the netbooks, when ports are upset and as it gets to look for an optical drivers, the fact that they do not have it complicates more.

It is a problem of DMA, (direct access to memory) that are characteristic in any current processor that are to transfer data without executing a load on the CPU. It was just what I did when downloading data from the total station, but tinkering with the ports caused them to get stuck and finally the machine got stuck.

Total, I will never know why, but I finally solved it by building a script that resets the DMA status of all drivers, and after restarting the Windows machine it detects them again as if it were for the first time. It's in the forum, The text is copied in a notepad and named RESETDMA.VBS, when it is executed it raises this message and after restart the machine returns to normal.

Acer aspire one sticks the audio

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Well g! Note that I have tried everything and the problem persists ... I properly installed Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager and the script still does not work for me. Install Driver Genius and activate all the drivers that required it and nothing. My hard drive is in native AHCI mode so I don't know how to convert it to DMA assuming it is in PIO. Investigate a bit and there is a way to do it manually and it is by uninstalling the IDE controller if it is in PIO but it does not show me if it is in PIO because I repeat this in AHCI and try uninstalling the AHCI from administrator in safe mode and Well, since you don't want to uninstall it, when you restart, it remains the same. I thank you for your answers if you can help me.

  2. You do not have the Audio drivers installed correctly. That's why it does not work for you.

  3. Hi, when I run the notepad “RESETDMA.VBS” I get “No resettable ATA channels with Windows drivers found. Nothing changed.” Could someone tell me why nothing happens?


  5. I purchased a little time ago an Acer Aspire 5253G operating system windows 7 and I can tell you that they still have the same problem.
    Thanks Ricardo for your contribution install Drivers Genius update all finite drivers are finished the problems.
    You talk about 2009 and today 2012 day and year come out with the same problems.

  6. I had the windows sp3 and for a program that I need to use I changed it to xp sp2 but use an external cd player and in the bios start by usb good when the installation started if I recognized it but when re-starting and continue with the installation me I said that I could not find the good disk between the bios again and change ASCHI something like IDE and probe reinstalling again now the coa I found the installation very well install the drivers and everything but the sound I stutter very ugly and I can not listen Nothing good I thought it was the sound dirver and I put it back from the web to mine but I turn on my neetbokk acer aspire one and still the same problem probe several things even the scrip they gave and nothing AYUDAAAAAAA WHAT CAN I DO HACEEEEEEEEERRRRRR I have to use the netbook as cup holders? Jeejeje I hope someone can help me

  7. To me it happens the same thing I run the application but apparently I have two screens one where I executed and then another window appears with the following characteristic
    What I have to do after this can help me
    Why is this happening

  8. The problem they have is not solved with a script, because the AOA always fails again, I also have this problem because I have an AOA150, and this failure originates when listening to music or playing a video with the volume high and at the Once the HDD performs a read / write operation, this causes the transfer mode to change to PIO, when it is normal for it to be in DMA ultra mode 5, because due to the vibration produced by the speaker, the read / write head of the HDD hits the surface of the disc causing bad sectors, meaning the AOA is poorly designed due to the right speaker being too close to the HDD. I say this because I am currently in discussions with ACER LatinoAmerica and the store that sold me the Netbook to get my money back, because I have already died 3 HDDs due to this failure, which other users who own this product present.

    I invite you to the following:
    1-. Open the volume control - advanced controls, and disable the LIMITED OUTPUT option (it is disabled by default).
    2-. Set the volume to maximum.
    3-. Play the following video: (with this video I noticed the fault, the 2 the first few times my HDD failed because it listened to music while downloading files from the internet)
    4-. Note how the LED of the HDD stays on continuously and then 1: 30 or 2 minutes with this video will output the blue screen of Windows XP, then when restart the transfer mode will be in PIO.
    5-. Check the SMART of the HDD (this program shows the status of your HDDs:.
    6-. Do the same, but with the volume down and you will see the difference

    For me the AOA150 is the worst machine that I have acquired and the worst quality.

  9. Hi all, well I tried the steps above and Ricardo's steps, and in the end, when I installed the chipset drivers, I created a problem and it did not let me enter the hard drive, it was like when one had disconnected the Hard disk, I said, well tomorrow I install the winXP SP3, and for things of life I did not find it, but instead I found the winXP colossus 2 edition, and I said, well I installed this k pass and I repeat all the steps , The case is k after installing it the first time I sent an error and I went to the bios and change the data type, from ide to ACHT (I think k is written so) the case is k if they make that change and install The coloso takes them well, if they leave in ide creates a conflict and they are not installed, well installing the other way do not have k do the steps above, just install the window coloso and the drivers of the cd of your net , And ready, problem solved, I did not believe it and tried it several times, in fact we let it work for you Was saturated and stuttered and nothing, so if you can not with the steps above can try with this other option.

    PS: I recommend installing the drivers, not the CD but my pc, in properties, hardware, task manager, is more secure and does not create conflicts.

  10. Hi, I would like to say that the problem with the audio of my acer aspire is solved by installing the High Definition Audio Codecs that you download from the Realtek page. The sound improves



  13. I have the same problem with the ACER ASPIRE ONE d250- It seems that the notebook and have flu when I listen to music is quite annoying
    Looking in interner I found a script to reset the DMA TRANSFER MODE,
    I leave the link

    Already download the script I will try it to see if I solve the problem of my ACER,

  14. It seems that from time to time the forum where the code is dropped, here are copied.

    "" Start code ""
    'Visual Basic Script program to reset the DMA status of all ATA drives

    'Copyright © 2006 Hans-Georg Michna

    'Version 2007-04-04

    'Works in Windows XP, probably also in Windows 2000 and NT.
    'Does not harm if Windows version is incompatible.

    If MsgBox ("This program will now reset the DMA status of all ATA drives with Windows drivers." _
    & vbNewline & "Windows will redetect the status after the next reboot, therefore this procedure" _
    & vbNewline & "should be harmless.", _
    VbOkCancel, "Program start message") _
    = VbOk Then

    RegPath = “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass{4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}”
    ValueName1Master = "MasterIdDataChecksum"
    ValueName1Slave = "SlaveIdDataChecksum"
    ValueName2Master = "UserMasterDeviceTimingModeAllowed"
    ValueName2Slave = "UserSlaveDeviceTimingModeAllowed"
    ValueName3 = "ResetErrorCountersOnSuccess"
    MessageText = "The following ATA channels have been reset:"
    MessageTextLen0 = Len (MessageText)
    ConsecutiveMisses = 0
    Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")

    For i = 0 to 999
    RegSubPath = Right (”000 ″ & i, 4) &“ ”


    On Error Resume Next
    WshShell.RegRead RegPath & RegSubPath & ValueName1Master
    ErrMaster = Err.Number
    On Error Goto 0
    If errMaster = 0 Then
    On Error Resume Next
    WshShell.RegDelete RegPath & RegSubPath & ValueName1Master
    WshShell.RegDelete RegPath & RegSubPath & ValueName2Master
    On Error Goto 0
    MessageText = MessageText & vbNewLine & "Master"
    End If


    On Error Resume Next
    WshShell.RegRead RegPath & RegSubPath & ValueName1Slave
    ErrSlave = Err.Number
    On Error Goto 0
    If errSlave = 0 Then
    On Error Resume Next
    WshShell.RegDelete RegPath & RegSubPath & ValueName1Slave
    WshShell.RegDelete RegPath & RegSubPath & ValueName2Slave
    On Error Goto 0
    If errMaster = 0 Then
    MessageText = MessageText & ”and”
    MessageText = MessageText & vbNewLine
    End If
    MessageText = MessageText & "Slave"
    End If

    If errMaster = 0 Or errSlave = 0 Then
    On Error Resume Next
    WshShell.RegWrite RegPath & RegSubPath & ValueName3, 1, “REG_DWORD”
    On Error Goto 0
    ChannelName = "unnamed channel" & Left (RegSubPath, 4)
    On Error Resume Next
    ChannelName = WshShell.RegRead (RegPath & RegSubPath & "DriverDesc")
    On Error Goto 0
    MessageText = MessageText & ”of” & ChannelName & “;”
    ConsecutiveMisses = 0
    ConsecutiveMisses = ConsecutiveMisses + 1
    If ConsecutiveMisses> = 32 Then Exit For 'Don't search unnecessarily long.
    End If

    If Len (MessageText)


  16. Excellent Ricardo .. I followed your instructions as you have described and it worked perfectly .. thank you very much

  17. Orale Caon, thanks for the contribution, very good and I hope it works. Regards !!

  18. Because I have the same problem with the sound the truth is annoying ke ke have to turn off the player by ke is not heard well ke you have other applications open

    I'll tell you what to do and then I'll tell you how many miles I've been


  19. The script does work …… .. !!!! I had this problem and twice I returned the machine to its default values ​​but in the end the sound was degraded, perform the procedure described above and until now it loads faster, the sound is heard well and the percentage of use of the processor is low.

  20. Hehe, I know that is unconventional the answer of vergero, but it is necessary to consider it as a possibility in a moment. That xder with these aspire one.

  21. The only solution is to get the aspire one in the ass.

  22. No mmz my che aspir one also has pro with the sound as q is kiere lock when I put muzika aora I am without muzika only the one of my cel xD
    But it's not the same mmm

    Might you help me

    Aki I leave my msn porfa

  23. Compadres ... I had the same problem and despite the fact that I validated my guarantee, the same thing happened to me, now I will tell you the only and true solution that served me in particular, the funny thing is that it is already on this blog, but I suppose something has to see the order.

    First of all ... Restore your computer, save whatever is necessary ...
    Once this is done, proceed to start windows normally, update only the windows update.

    Install all the primary applications that you are going to use ... I mean:

    Ares. (For testing purposes)
    MS Office. (I recommend 2007)
    Antivirus. (I recommend NOD32 Smart Security)

    Once done, start the IExplorer ...

    And start watching videos, doing your homework ... and everything is normal.
    This is where the action begins, they will start if they look well in the led of use of HDD, the first symptoms.

    At that same moment, go to the Realtek page and update the High definition driver and restart the PC ... (before download an electronic music) 😉

    After restarting the system ...

    Start the Ares again and listen to the music ... you will see for sure that the problem will continue, then do the DMA file, which comes to the top, save it, run it and restart your computer once more ...

    When it turns on open ares and listen to the music that they downloaded, it will surely continue to fail, now download a pirated version of DriverGenius from the network, do not break my eggs telling me that this should not be said about piracy, when a company deceived us and sold us a useless product ...

    Well we continue with the most current download of this DRIVER GENIUS program, we patch it and that's it ...

    Analyze your AcerOne, and download and install ALL the drivers that we recommend the program to install, after installing ALL the drivers, ie DO NOT RESTART THE PC until all the drivers are updated.

    Now if you restart your PC ... and there should be no problem.

    I am writing you all this because it helped me and I am a user just like you who was spending valuable time fixing a mistake that Acer made in the first place and for which it has not been held responsible ...

    Good SALUTE and Luck


  25. It could be a virus. You will have to take it with a technician, check if it is still in the warranty period

  26. Hello
    Turns out my Acer Aspire One was working normal and suddenly boom! It turned off, when I tried to turn it on again, it only turned on the LED on the power button, but it didn't give me a video signal or that it was "alive", what could have happened?

    Thank you

  27. I do not enable the hibernation option, and I prefer to turn it off instead of suspending it. Much worse if you have programs running. It seems that the hard drive is too slow in revolutions to do these sorts of functions, unfortunately.

  28. I was experiencing sound problems with my Aspire One. I also noticed that the PC took a long time to load Windows and the programs also took a long time to load into memory. The solution with the script was successful !!!. So I think the problem is actually between the access to the disk and the sound card.
    This problem I think is caused by one of the updates of windows, since also, along with the sound, the pc did not hibernate correctly since it was hung during the process. That's why I believe that those who restore the OS through Recovery solve the problem, but only temporarily.
    At the moment I hope to see when the medicine lasts here than proposed.

  29. Well I heard of this over there, as a bad reader I have not read that recommendation of the manufacturer that you mentioned

  30. The 'poltergeist' of the Aspire One battery
    Notice for navigators ... In our previous entry on the Aspire One have gathered up to five commentators who tell how, after not using the netbook for a season, the battery refuses to load round ... Well, the five commentators can add The case of server and that of the co-author of this blog Carlos. Come on, there must be something true ... Fortunately, the one who subscribes the most pure chance has fixed the problem. And yesterday I left the computer connected to the power (and with the battery on, contravening the suggestions of the manufacturer, but I was not too concerned about keeping a battery that refused to charge), on the go and doing absolutely nothing (contrary, this Time, the rules of energy saving and ecology, but it is that one is so clueless) for a good amount of hours (at least twelve). When I realized that, instead of turning off the computer as a good user, I took the power cable out of the beast and, to my surprise, it did not go out (I promise I had done the same 'experiment' on other occasions and The autonomy of the battery did not reach the second). As it was late and I was sleepy, I just shut down the computer, this time yes, as a careful user and cross your fingers. A while ago I turned it back on, without connecting to the power and, confirming the surprise, the battery claims to be charged to 100% (and nothing indicates otherwise).

    I do not know to what extent the experiment will be replicable but, for what it costs and the risk involved, I would try, if I had out there an Acer Aspire One with the battery on strike ...

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