Oracle is an Associate Sponsor at the 2019 Geospatial World Forum

Amsterdam: Media and Geospatial Communications is pleased to present Oracle as the Associate Sponsor for the 2019 Geospatial World Forum . The event will take place from the 2 to the 4 of April of 2019 in Taets Art & Event Park, Amsterdam.

Oracle offers a wide range of 2D and 3D spatial capabilities based on OGC and ISO standards in databases, middleware, big data and cloud platforms. These technologies are used by third-party tools, components and solutions, as well as Oracle's enterprise applications for on-premises deployment and in the cloud.

Two senior executives from Oracle, Siva Ravada, Senior Director of Software Development and Hans Viehmann, Product Manager, EMEA will address the audience at the conference on the programs Location Analytics & Business Intelligence y Smart Citiesrespectively.

"For more than two decades, Oracle has developed and delivered space technologies as part of our data management platforms, development tools, applications and cloud services," said James Steiner, Vice President of Oracle. "We believe that geospatial technologies are crucial for every application and are an essential part of the solution to the business and social challenges we face today and in the future."

Oracle's data management and integrated solutions platform have had a great impact on the geospatial industry, especially in business applications, business intelligence, large-scale GIS and location services. We are pleased that the World Geospatial Forum continues to be Oracle's platform of choice to connect with its geospatial user segment, ”says Anamika Das, Vice President of Business Development and Outreach in Geospatial Media and Communications.

About the World Geospatial Forum

The World Geospatial Forum is a collaborative and interactive platform that demonstrates a collective and shared vision of the global geospatial community. It is an annual meeting of more than 1500 professionals and leaders representing the entire geospatial ecosystem: public policies, national cartographic agencies, private sector companies, multilateral and development organizations, scientific and academic institutions and, above all, end users of the government , businesses and Services to the citizens.

Organized together with the Dutchman Kadaster, the 2019 Forum will carry the theme '# default geospatial - Empower billions!' to demonstrate geospatial technology as ubiquitous, generalized and "predetermined" in our daily lives. Some of the topics to be discussed include sustainable development goals, smart cities, construction and engineering, location analysis and business intelligence, environment; and emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, cloud, blockchain and others. Learn more about the conference at

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