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Obelix and Asterix reach 50 years

Obelix and asterix The celebration of 50 years of the comic has reached the cover of Google, whose creative has made a great adaptation of what is never missing in these comics. To celebrate, an unreleased 57-page version that includes short episodes has also been released.

And it is that, who did not have a copy in their hands and was entertained for half an hour watching each character of a fight that originated between the blacksmith and the fish seller of that small village in Gaul; many of us have come to keep them as collector's relics because each of the episodes are true works of creativity. To this day I battle with my children who take them out of the trunk and want to give them the treatment that any other comic would have, that there are very good ones but depending on the moment they are chewed first, Awaken a sense of nostalgia And fidelity thanks to its systematic continuity in 34 editions.

Asterix and obelix As this one I really liked the Belgian comic Polaco "Tintin", a pity that is difficult to find and after that version in which they visit Central America with their military coups, I could not get one more. In Obelix's case, the combination of the absurd with the story in a satirical sense and a high graphic quality makes the repetitive scenarios fun. The characters are few and do almost the same:

  • The unruly singer who always tied at the end
  • Obelix always hungry for wild boar
  • The black Under On the pirate ship ... it always goes wrong
  • Tormented and more tortasos to the Romans
  • Phrases like "these Romans are crazy", "you fell in the pot", "For Tutatis!", Crushed to the extreme.

But it happens that the originality of the script and the quality in the definition of characters, environments, names and historical context are worthy of admiration, although it is recognized that the characters were acquired by Goscinny while he was studying in Argentina from Patoruzú and Upa, from the environment Gaucho. They are the same stories, as old as 50 years old; they are still entertaining, to the point of having reached flash games and movies (which I didn't like by the way).

So on the fly, some more valuable scenarios that I remember:

  • When they visit the American continent with the Vikings, the glu-glu and the Indian complaining that they gave him Paf!
  • When they break the nose to the sphinx
  • When Obelix sets up a company of Menhirs. This whole episode is a true marketing classic, I remember seeing it as a textbook in an advertising course.
  • When the Romans get hairy for the wrong magic potion
  • When they celebrate the pirate's birthday with a sausage

At Lóleo Eventos, Official Site game resources, reviews and more information can be found. Among them this complete list of editions:

Heaven falls on us!
Asterix the Rooster
Asterix in Belgium
Asterix in Brittany
Asterix in Corsica
Astérix in Helvecia
Asterix in Hispania
Asterix in India
Asterix at the Olympic Games
Asterix at the Olympic Games
Asterix Gladiator
Asterix Legionary
Asterix and Cleopatra
Asterix and the Cauldron
Asterix and Latraviata
Asterix and the unseen
Asterix and the Goths
Asterix and the Normans
Asterix and the Normans
The Fortune Teller
The Anniversary of Astérix and Obélix - The Golden Book
The Combat of the Heads
Shield Arverno
The Son of Asterix
The Evil Swallow of Obelix
The Gift of Caesar
The weed
The Great Crossing
The golden sickle
The Asterix Odyssey
The Residence of the Gods
The rose and the sword
The Return to Gaul
Le Grand Ditch
The Laurels of Caesar
Obelix and Company

Golgi Alvarez

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  1. … These coincidences… geo geek and asterix firki. Hahaha.

    I'm glad. They are a good collection, transversal to the generations.

  2. Thanks Borja, I have already made the rectification. Indeed, to this I mean.

  3. If you mean the Tintin de Hergé (the dog Milu), the comic is Belgian and not Polish.

    A greeting.

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