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The Bentley Discussion Forums

Recently someone came asking where the users of Microstation, or the different Bentley applications find help.


This is a list of the different discussion forums, there the questions are asked and other users respond:

Users in other languages ​​or countries

  • bentley.espanol (Spanish)
  • bentley.mx (Mexico)
  • bentley.general (English)
  • bentley.general.de (German)
  • bentley.general.fr (French)
  • bentley.general.jp (Japanese)
  • bentley.general.pl (Polish)
  • bentley.general.cz (Cheko)
  • bentley.general.tw (Taiwan)
  • bentley.general.it (Italian)
  • bentley.general.cn (Chinese)
  • bentley.general.pt (Portuguese)

Manuals and documents

  • bentley.documentation (Documents)

Applications for Civil Engineering

  • bentley.civil.general (General civil works)
  • bentley.geopak (Geoengineering package)
  • bentley.inroads (Roads)
  • bentley.highdefsurveying (Topography)
  • bentley.microstation.civilpak (Package for Civil Engineering)
  • bentley.autopipe (Hydrosanitary Systems)
  • bentley.adlpipe (Hydro-sanitary systems)
  • bentley.acquaparla (Hydrology)
  • bentley.arenium (Civil applications)

Applications for Buildings and Architecture

  • bentley.building.general (Building Package)
  • bentley.building.speedikon (Buildings)
  • bentley.triforma (Layout 3D)
  • bentley.triforma.architectural (Layout 3D)
  • bentley.triforma.hvac (Layout 3D)
  • bentley.triforma.mep (Layout 3D)
  • bentley.triforma.structural (Layout 3D Structural)
  • bentley.staad.pro (Structural Design)
  • bentley.ram.general (Structural Design)
  • bentley.ram.advanse (Advanced Structural Design)
  • bentley.ram.revitlink (Structural design Revitlink version)

Geospatial Applications (GIS)

  • bentley.geographics (GIS Applications)
  • bentley.geospatial.general (general GIS)
  • bentley.geospatial.server (GIS administration server)
  • bentley.publisher (Web publication)
  • bentley.projectwise (Controlled Administration)
  • bentley.projectwise.navigator (Controlled Administration)
  • bentley.redline (Redline Annotation)
  • bentley.googletools (Tools for google Earth)
  • bentley.geospatial.desktop (XML Administration)
  • bentley.geospatial.publishing (General web publication)
  • bentley.geospatial.communications (network analysis)
  • bentley.navigator.v8xm.earlyaccess (XM navigation)
  • bentley.navigator (Browser)
  • bentley.viecon (Visualization and publication)

Microstation forums in V7, V8 and XM versions

  • bentley.interplot (Plotting, automated printing)
  • bentley.microstation.administration (advanced management)
  • bentley.microstation.imaging (Handling images)
  • bentley.microstation.v7.dwg (V7 and dwg files)
  • bentley.microstation.v7.general (general V7)
  • bentley.microstation.v7.plotting (V7 and plotting)
  • bentley.microstation.v7.programming (V7 and programming)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.3d (V8 and 3 Dimentions)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.database (V8 and databases)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.dimensioning (V8 and sizing)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.dwg (V8 t dwg files)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.general (general V8)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.mdl (V8 and mdl programming)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.plotting (V8 and plotting)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.text (V8 and text handling)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.vba (V8 and Visual Basic programming)
  • bentley.microstation.visualization (V8 and data deployment)
  • bentley.microstation.pcstudio (Operation pcstudio)
  • bentley.microstation.v8.xmearlyaccess (XM)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.general (general XM)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.dwg (XM and dwg files)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.text (XM and text handling)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.dimensioning (XM sizing)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.database (XM and databases)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.plotting (XM and plotting)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.vba (XM and Visual Basic programming)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.mdl (XM and MDL programming)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.3d (XM and 3 Dimentions)
  • bentley.microstation.v8xm.dotnet (XM and .NET programming)
  • bentley.microstation.visualization.maxwellplugin (Plug-Maxwell)
  • bentley.powerdraft (Microstation economic version)
  • bentley.powerdraft.cn (Microstation economic version, Chinese)
  • bentley.view (Free file viewer dgn, dwg)

Industrial Engineering Applications

  • bentley.plant.general (Industrial plants)
  • bentley.plantspace (Plants, space management)
  • bentley.autoplant (Plants, autoplant version)
  • bentley.autoplant.structural (Plants, structural version)

Other Bentley Forums

  • bentley.announcements (Ads)
  • bentley.newtechnology (Technological news)
  • bentley.classifieds (Classified Ads)
  • bentley.institute (Bentley Institute)
  • bentley.events (Events)

The general index of these forums is http://discussion.bentley.com/ although it is a platform that is falling into disuse after Bentley launched Communities http://communities.bentley.com/ where you can do much more.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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