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The population: a disadvantage in 7 natural wonders

Although a large part of the population has not taken much interest, and another segment criticizes it for being very oriented to the tourist focus, in many of our developing countries this is one of the few opportunities for one of our destinations Tourism surpass the world.

Well, recognizing that in some way there is profit in this, let's also recognize that the contest becomes unfair from the moment that the Internet is the voting medium. This is one of the reasons why a country with a smaller comparative population is at a great disadvantage and has less Possibilities Although at a technical level its proposal may be more impressive.

Let's see how the contest becomes unfair to the population:

7 natural wonders

When taking the percentages of the world population, We see that Asia could by voting have 4 wonders in the first ten places, while Europe would have 4, Latin America would have 1 and Africa would have 1.

However, since it is the only vote for the inhabitants that have access to the Internet, Asia would have 4, Europe 3, North America (not including mexico) would have 2 and Latin America 1.

This is consistent with what is happening, with the exception of Europe, a continent to which the vote has not drawn attention at all. Many suggest that the so-called developed countries have considered that this project of the 7 natural wonders is a way of giving crumbs to developing countries to entertain themselves and hence that despite the fact that 27% of internet users are from Europe, none of its proposals is among the ten nominees, as well as North America (not including Mexico) that only the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls are the ones that are making the force although 19% of Internet users are from this region.

This absence of the "developed countries" has been taken advantage of by the Asians and Latin Americans.

If we look at the voting today, from the top ten places:

  • Asia already stuck 8 positions
  • Latin America stays alive with the Amazon River, to which six countries are betting
  • And Costa Rica, to whom we must recognize the merit of sustaining itself in the first ten places after three months of battle. Of course, Costa Rica is the country with the most Internet users in Central America, it is estimated one million.

What happens with the rest of Central America:

  • Guatemala, Despite having two positions very close (Atitlán 12 and Pacaya 16), which were among the top ten for two months, it will be impossible for them to hold on with their divided votes ... unless they do something to bet on Atitlán, which is the one with the most chances have. You definitely can't get two, so it would be nice if you at least won one. Guatemala has 756,000 Internet users.
  • Honduras, It is falling loudly, after being in the 14-16 positions it is now in the 21 position ... what a pity because with just 223,000 Internet users can cost a lot to lift their Biosphere of Rio Plátano.
  • The Savior, Arrived late with Coatepeque, is now in the 124 position despite having the double Of Internet users than Honduras.
  • Nicaragua Also arrived late, with Ometepe, whose wonder the Nicas feel very proud, but with just 125,000 Internet users ... it will be difficult, now it is in the 122 position.

Ometepe Either way, we must not lose hope, and we must encourage the vote. Whether they win or not our proposals, if a Hippie decides one day to take a trip to the Ometepe Island, Because she saw that she had been nominated for the 7 natural wonders, we are sure she will make a good impression because we know what we are talking about.

... and if you take a plate of pinol, three tortillas and a good glass of coyol wine ... the lady who breaks her back will have won ... and we will all have won.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Hi de neuvo, to all those who see this, I will be very grateful if your votes include one for blue water and one for the Popocatepetl volcano.

    In good plan Costa Rica, you well know that they are not North American. And that the true Americans are likely to be displaced by Central America.

    The Arenal Volcano is beautiful, and so it will be forever, has its status, its graces, its elegance.


    You can support everything you want to Cocos Island, but please think about your vote for the voclán, because it would hurt me a lot if Popocatepetl does not get the title that should be given by right.

    I know there are several cannons better than Sumidero and Copper, so with them I will not fight. But I think it is necessary to know why Popocatépetl joined Iztaccihuatl, they deserve to represent North America.

    You know the idyllic volcanoes, those who truly tear the tears of those who dare to know its legend.

    Once a teacher told me “Only the maidens and the young men who die of love, deserve to rest on the shores of Mount Humenate and the sleeping woman!


    They ran the years of the grende and amazing Aztec power. It was a very propsera and good time, and the emperor could not feel happier.

    However, her greatest pride was the beautiful daughter she had, everyone considered her similar to a flower, the most beautiful flower of all that there was, her name was Iztaccihuatl, and several had tried to be her suitors. However, she only had eyes for the brave and handsome Popocatepetl, who had the reputation of being the best warrior of all ... and the bravest. And happily, he was also lost by that beauty.

    The emperor looked with good eyes at this relationship and without opposing gave Popocatepetl the hand of his daughter.

    But on the eve of nuptials, terrible news came: everything seemed to indicate that a warlike people was preparing to attack them. The emperor then assembled his most daring and daring warriors, asking the valiant Popocatepetl to be the leader of that army.

    Envying the privileges that had been granted to him, some envious warriors left the battle and went to the emperor alleging that Popocatepetl had died.

    Iztaccihuatl heard this and when he did not endure so much pain, he vanished and fell into a deep sleep from which he could no longer wake him.

    When Popocatepetl returned triumphantly, he learned of the sad fate that poor Iztaccihuatl had had and devastated by the pain, he went to the palace of the emperor and took Iztaccihuatl in his arms, it is said that the two disappeared from the city and were never seen again.

    Soon the inhabitants of the valley of Mexico admired the birth of two mountains, but not any mountains, they launched fire and ended with some houses, but this fact was short lived, since one of the two mountains (Iztaccihuatl) stopped launching Fire and fell back into his eternal sleep.

    But the other is still there. He is called Popocatepetl "Mount that smokes" who wakes up every winter to see if his beloved has woken up and seeing that this does not happen, she releases fire of sadness from her entrails. and he stays like this until the following winter… watching over the eternal sleep of Itzaccihuatl “Sleeping Woman”

    VOTE FOR IZTACCIHUATL-POPOCATEPETL “the most beautiful love story from nature”

  2. Hello Rebecca, thank you for your passion for the subject.

    What wonder do you mean I came up from 129 to 3?

  3. Well the truth, seeing well, the votes are already very tricky.

    Because, the Guatemalan pacaya came out and it was convenient for them to have, so 2 would have proposals to leave in the 21 finalists,

    And do they bother to say that they voted for the big south, redwood or some other?

    And to say that it went up from place 129 to 3 in just a few hours.

    And the cax bazaar that went down from place 0 to 1

    And they all went down. How strange, did not they?

  4. Well, I hope they hurry to vote the Mexicans, because by now Blue is in the position 65 and popocatepetl in the 84


    Mexico, has awakened.

    Triumph is near

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