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Google to establish headquarters in Costa Rica

Costa rica digital One of the reasons for Google's success is its aggressiveness to enter any region; last year it established headquarters in Argentina to cover the southern cone, now has announced that it will establish headquarters in Costa Rica to serve Central America.

Among the benefits that we expect to get chips from Google, is that they can pay the revenues of AdSense via Western Union as they already do in some South American countries.

The statement said, among other things:

Google is currently servicing Central America from Mexico, but given the growth of the regional market as well as the potential of the Costa Rican market, "they have decided to establish an office in San José in the short term," said the Costa Rican presidency.

Google also proposed that the Costa Rican president digitize the contents of public libraries as a tool to stimulate learning through computer platforms, as well as promote small and medium-sized Costa Rican companies and set up a platform to boost their exports through the Network.

In this sense, Google, according to the statement, plans to install modules from Costa Rica through which 'SMEs' can have virtual offices that expand their access to the international market ... of course, for Google everything is business, but with this we can also earn money Georeferencing business.

In this the Ticos are in better condition in the region, where there is a Microsoft headquarters, several software maquilas and many initiatives to jump the digital divide ... is trying to track El Salvador and Panama.

It is curious that in the event where this statement was formalized, Commerce Minister Marco Vinicio Ruiz assured that "80% of the software sold in Central America and the Caribbean comes from Costa Rica" ... I believed that 80% of the software sold in Central America comes from programaswarez 🙂

Golgi Alvarez

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