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Geoinformatics March, continues the Open GIS

Geoinformatics This month's edition of Geoinformatics has already come out, which on its cover shows a Digital Globe satellite image of southern Iran as a prelude to the article dedicated to the services of the German company GeoServe. Mostly it is giving continuity to Previously played themes and we are pleased that the tendency at least this year to show open source technologies applied to GIS is very clear; Last month they talked about gvSIG and now they focus on other tools like Quantum GIS and Calypso.


Article The high precisions in the image capture of the project FLI-Map 400.

A recommended reading, showing how far you can reach (or smoking) by using point cloud capture technology known as LiDAR.

ArticleThe Reykjafik Project,

Applying the gps to combat Graffiti

ArticleThe Calypso project

A broad article that shows us the benefits of this open source software of German origin applied to hydrology.

ArticleThe Open GeoStack

Interesting position by Sebastian Benthall that talks about the sum of the parts in open source GIS applied to GIS technologies and how good levels can be achieved using applications such as PostGIs, GeoGerver, GeoWebCache and OpenLayers.

ArticleQuantum GIS 1.0

In the style of the previous article of gvSIG, history, which is and does not make this tool that to date is seen by many as the most evolved open source in this matter.

Article Additionally there are other topics such as:

  • Business Mashups
  • The glory of GLONASS, GNSS update
  • A profile of ScanEx Company

 Software Reviews

Continuing with the exploration of high-performance equipment, they review the Magellan GPS ProMark 500 GPS capture equipment, it is necessary to read considering that the approach of the somewhat reckless article is called "Back to the future"


ArticleWhat is Mapinfo?

This is an interview with people from Pitney Bowes who talk about the new software and the new division that is being considered after the definitive acquisition.

ArticleThere is also interesting material regarding off-road machines known as Toughbooks.

Other non-negligible interviews:

  • FME 2009
  • Cyclomedia's largest display scale
  • Geoserve



    As always, James Fee writes something short but deep, in this case about taking the spatial analysis to the end user's desk.

    In conclusion, a high level reading as expected from Geoinformatics, here is the online version that can be converted to pdf and downloaded locally.

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