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Geoinformatics 1: Remote sensing

Geoinformatics remote sensing and more Geoinformatics arrives in its first edition of 2010, with a strong emphasis on remote sensing. Although the year is young, it seems that the next editions will maintain this line, including on this occasion two of the greats of the non-free sector: ERDAS and ENVI.

If things are as I imagine them, in the next editions they will be making reviews of tools, on the subject of remote sensors, a subject in which the free sector has advanced a lot. They may consider libraries of SEXTANT under the integration approach with free use tools (gvSIG, uDig, Grass, etc.)

I recommend reading, here I summarize some tips:

When the remote sensors and the GIS meet.

It's an interesting interview with Rolf Schaeppi, ITT vice president of European operations. The interview is conducted by Eric Van Rees himself, who initially asks for a brief historical review of ENVI, but as the questions progress, topics such as:

  • The integration of ENVI EX with ArcGIS, which facilitates the interaction between both platforms, being able to take advantage of the specialties and without losing things along the way, such as styles and symbols.

Then it closes with its point of view between GIS and Teledetection, topics that have been gradually merging, as the images have come to have greater resolution.

Geoinformatics remote sensing and more ERDAS, what they point at 2010.

The interview with Mladen Stojic of Erdas Marketing is based on the trends that are being considered within the business that this product has managed to position very well.

Among the topics, mention the 5D criterion that the systems are betting on, including: X, Y, Z commonly accepted, adding the time and associated data. Then it does some more blah blah with the data handling loop in its Digital Earth.

The interview gets a bit heavy, because some of the questions are very broad, but it's worth taking advantage of what they are considering standards and their cloud approach.

Other themes.

Jack Dangermond Gives continuity to the interview of one of his pupils of the previous edition, talks about Geodesign and the need for us to think about georeference every time we are going to do something. Very good indeed, subject that in 2011 will keep us entertained, as the BIM concept is being considered with higher priority every day, and that the genius of this lamp promotes it with this emphasis is good for everyone.

It remains to be seen whether they refer to what generality says, or to their idea of ​​standards based on "do it like ESRI"But I do not tell them how it works.

There is a very in-depth article on mobile mapping systems, very fashionable lately, some events are also included, such as the FIG-2010 International Surveyor Congress, and the Leica HDS that just passed. Advertising: a delight, here is a sample.

Geoinformatics remote sensing and more

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