GIS Online courses, in Spanish, some free

Geospatial Training is a company dedicated to training in programming issues applied to Geographic Information Systems. It has recently begun its outreach to the Spanish-speaking environment, with similar courses and with instructors that are relevant to the environment.

Among the advantages of Geospatial Training, besides that now you can receive the courses in Spanish are:

  • They are paid online, by credit card or PayPal.
  • They are received under a virtual platform, although they also offer face-to-face courses.
  • Some of its themes are unique, especially because its portfolio includes proprietary software such as ESRI, Google and also OpenSource, some of which are credits for GISCI certification.

Sunrise over the Earth in outer space

Apart from the general list of courses, training plans based on competencies are interesting, through modular itineraries that add up to partial exits as follows:

ESRI itinerary

  • Development of web applications with the Javascript API for ArcGis Server
  • Development of web applications with the Flex API for ArcGis Server
  • Development of web applications with the Silverlight API for ArcGIS Server
  • ArcPy Mapping

Google Itinerary


OpenSource Itinerary

  • Introduction to Web development
  • OpenSource (PostGre-PostGIS + GeoServer + Openlayers)
  • Introduction to Openlayers
Courses outside of Itineraries

Itinerary Pyton

  • Programming concepts in Python
  • Programming in Open Source GIS Scopes with Python
  • Advanced programming in ArcGIS with Python



Also note some free courses, within these itineraries:

  • Introduction to Openlayers
  • ArcPy Mapping
  • Introduction to the Google Maps API.
  • ArcObjects with VBA

To show a video popularized these days of how to integrate ArcGIS Server with Google Maps.

So, if you are planning to start the year by investing in quality training, Geospatial Training is an interesting option.



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  1. je souhaite faire a GIS master in ligne dans votre institution est il possible de faire a français car je ne parle espagnol

  2. Very bad courses, they are a rip off. Badly structured and with promises that are not fulfilled. Find another site

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