Excel template to convert from Geographic Coordinates to UTM

This template facilitates the conversion of geographic coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds to UTM coordinates.

Geographic to utm

1. How to enter the data

The data must be processed in an excel sheet, in such a way that they come in the required format. Of course, the normal restrictions relative to the ranges of accepted values ​​must be respected as we speak when We explain the UTM coordinates.

  • The spheroid is chosen in the drop-down form
  • The first column is only to place a numeral
  • The columns in yellow are to enter the geographical coordinates
  • Both latitudes and longitudes must come in numbers (without degrees, minutes or seconds symbol), and separated into different columns, the latter can have decimals.
  • The degrees in lengths should not reach 180
  • Grades in latitudes should not reach 90
  • Minutes and seconds should not reach 60, because they would already be part of the next unit
  • The East / West must be an "E" or a "W", capital
  • The North / South must be an "N" or an "S", uppercase

If you manage to prepare them in another page of excel, with those characteristics you only have to do copy / paste

2. The output results

The columns in green are the UTM coordinates, according to the chosen spheroid, the area is also shown.

3. How to send them to AutoCAD

image The additional column is the UTM coordinates so you can send them to AutoCAD as you would We explain in another article. To send from Excel UTM to Google Earth See this other article.

Review it, and report any issues


The template to convert Geographical coordinates to UTM.
Geo to utm Downloads

You can buy it with  Credit card or Paypal.

It is symbolic if one considers the utility it provides and the ease with which it can be acquired.





Learn how to make this and other templates in the Excel-CAD-GIS cheat course.


51 Replies to "Excel Template to Convert from Geographic Coordinates to UTM"

  1. Hey.
    Write a message to the email that arrived when you made the purchase, so that they send you a template that not only supports coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds but also in decimals.


  2. I bought the template to convert geographical to UTM. My question is: how can I enter decimal geographical coordinates?
    Apparently the template does not recognize them, because it indicates another UTM spindle (zone).

  3. If it does.
    But you must take care that your data has:
    the comma as a thousands separator, so that it is: -56.514,707 -12.734,156
    Check if you can change that in your regional settings.

    If you want to try before you buy it, send an example of data in excel, to the mail editor (@) geofumadas. com

  4. Good evening.
    This plan converts Geographic Coordinate (Grau Decimal) in UTM in meters
    Ex: X -56.514.707
    AND -12.734.156
    To: X 552758.64049
    Y 8592230.59473

  5. Thank you very much, I already have the template, just one doubt, even though I have already read the post about how the template works and what refers to UTM coordinates, if I am in the Yucatan Peninsula and I have the following point N 20 - 26 - 31.5 W 90 - 01 - 42.5, as I do if the indications say that latitudes cannot reach 90 degrees, I would greatly appreciate your help

  6. Hi Miguel,
    Last night it was forwarded to you, to the mail miguel.manamond ...
    We have forwarded it to this miguel.navarrete ...

    If you have doubts, notify us.

  7. Hello good day last night pay via paypal Excel Template to convert from Geographical Coordinates to UTM, but I do not see the download link, I have the transaction id if needed, I will be aware of the response greetings

  8. Good Morning.

    I have paid with PayPal and there is no option of descaga any in the receipt of Paypal.

    Paid the 13 of July of 2.017. 08: 59: 22 GMT + 02: 00.
    Transaction ID: 6SC71916TD634893X

    Please tell me how to download the file.

    A greeting.

    R. Gallardo.

  9. Gibran:
    To move from degrees and minutes to degrees and decimals, you must divide the minutes by 60 and the seconds by 3600, respecting the decimal addition of these two values ​​to graos, luck.

    You can make a template on exel.

  10. First, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Second: I downloaded the geographic excel to UTM, but I need to know what spheroid I use for Brazil, or an explanation of which one to use for different locations.

    Thank you.

  11. Very good explanation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11

  12. Check the email, sometimes it goes to spam. But once the payment is made you will receive the PayPal receipt and an email with a download ulr.

  13. make a circle 1.00 in diameter then select the circle after enter your UTM coordinate then the enter key then the letter z and then letter E then enter and automatically you automatically locate your UTM coordinate area, do the test and then tell me.

  14. So is. It can not.
    To work UTM in the area where the area changes, you have to make a change of false east, so that your area extends.
    Or work in geographic coordinates.

  15. Hello good afternoon. My question is this: What can I do if to enter the coordinates utm to autocad you can not indicate which region you are driving? I already have the coordinates in UTM but the autocad does not handle (or I have not found how to change it) regions. Example when entering UTM coordinates in 15 region I have no problem, but when I enter 16 region I do not place them in the desired part.
    Thanks in advance

  16. Look at the spam folder, always with the transaction and paypal receipt returns a download url.

  17. I already pay for paypal and nothing is downloaded .. can you send it to my mail?

  18. I already paid and I did not get out anything .. what do I do?

  19. very good your post per where I can download the format in the exc

  20. very good contributions to put together a whole package of information and knowledge

  21. Thank you for the socialization of information. Education, use and proper management of information are the best weapons against exclusion and domination.

  22. I don't know the rest, but what comes down to me is a sheet with data in which the only formula is to add a predetermined number to the data of the previously "calculated" coordinate. It has neither feet nor head, in my opinion. If you could check it out.

  23. excellent contribution thanks a thousand thanks friend I am a firefighter and the people now use the gps of the mobiles I need it for when someone is cut as lost in my phone I calculate and in seconds I have coordinates utm for the search with conventional browsers and in a portable computer can know immediately in which sector the person is and thus close the circle of search

  24. Jo, I really have to reserve a place in my thesis. Thanks to your blog I found a site to download shp files about Honduras, and now that I had to pass coordinates to utm to produce a layer in Quantum GIS, your sheet has been invaluable.

    I just want to point out that I use Linux and OpenOffice 3.0, and that your conversion sheet works superb in Calc. I could not copy the file to csv format, but that does not matter at all, since there were not many points, so it was enough Do it manually, and round the numbers, because the layer generator in Quantum does not seem to support decimals.

    In any case, your blog is an invaluable help for people like me, who comes from letters, but who is interested in entering the world of geographic information systems.

    I don't give you a thousand thanks, because they already did it upstairs ...

  25. Cordial greetings and I can only thank you for the various contributions you make here; In particular, the "mass" conversion of coordinates has been very useful. One question: how should it be to quote your conversion contribution in your document?

  26. Congratulations Galvarezhn, I found your site very interesting and I have been very useful. Thank you

  27. Hi, this is excellent, does anyone know of an excel but to convert grades seconds to decimal degrees? Thanks in advance

  28. Very good contribution !! Please share this type of information.

  29. Hey ... I was doing a survey with GPS but for "technical memory" reasons (I forgot an antenna cable) I couldn't complete my survey and I did it with a navigator ... and I didn't know how to convert the coordinates ... they got me out of a good rush ... great !!!!

  30. You must copy the whole formula down,

    Unlocks rows and columns that are not visible and copies the penultimate row down

  31. Hello,

    very good and practical, thank you! even so I have a little problem, what to do when I have almost 8000 coordinates to transform ...? -the excel only allows 323… - I have tried to drag the formulas but it doesn't work.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

  32. Simple, fast, available, I do not know what else you can ask for.

    Thank you very much

  33. Thanks for the link of utm to geograficas, in that excel sheet comes what I need from the grades.
    Another help if you could give me is if there is an excel sheet of conversion of coordinates tme to utm, and inverse. Thank you

  34. Hi David, this post has an excel sheet that does the reverse, from utm to geographic.

    About making a page that converts decimals to degrees, minutes and seconds ... maybe one of these days I'll sit down to do it

  35. Very good work!! Congratulations. I also work with this type of conversion, from utm to tme, tme to utm and geodesics and all those possible conversions, I use the TMCalc program, and it works well for me, but sometimes having an excel sheet to make the changes and not the program, if someone has from UTM to Geodesics in excel it would be a great contribution to me ...
    My main objective was to find this page. It is an excel sheet that passes me degrees is decimals (45.7625 degrees) to degrees minutes and seconds (45 ′ 45 ′ 45.000 ′), can you help me, sorry if this is not a forum .. my email is Ingdvd1@hotmail.com

    Thank you

  36. Just to thank them for the information, I have been very useful, the file is excellent.

    Greetings thank you.



  38. Excellent, thank you very much.



    THANK YOU… °°° !!!!!

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