Conference: Turning the "dynamic" role

Digital paper This May 11 Bentley Systems will be hosting a virtual press conference in which he plans to show his innovations in order to turn traditional paper into a dynamic element.

The invitation was sent by Cristine today, I suppose that in the rest of the month they will be informing more on the web or other spaces. For now I take advantage of the scoop and the Inspiration of breath.


Until now we have been taught that the computer and its digital results would make the analog material known as paper a thing of the past. However, practice has taught us that leaving aside the printed backing, its signature, its stamp and the spilled coffee mark cannot be replaced in one fell swoop unless we are willing to take on the problems that it would entail.

Some time ago Bentley has been bidding on the digital signature, the Historical file, multi-user document management and convergence. Its main platforms, Microstation and Project Wise are focused on this, we could suppose that something else is coming up.


Key Bentley


It will be 30 minutes via Live Meeting. On May 11, at 9:00 a.m. Eastern time in the United States and 15:00 p.m. Central Europe.

For the United States and Canada, the number (888) 668 - 1399 is available for live inquiries.

For other countries there is (706) 758 - 9640

The link is this:

Meeting ID: T4SQPB

Entry Code: DynamicPlo

Golgi Alvarez

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