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Learn AutoCAD Civil 3D, valuable resources

Being a member of AUGI MexCCA has many advantages, one of them is access to tools or tutorials to learn. In this case I present a summary of the best of the tutorials in the use of Civil 3D for roads, topography and geospatial. Some are videos, some are pdf files. It is necessary to be registered to be able to see them, so you must enter your username and Password, Or register for the first time.

  AutoCAD Civil 3D for Roads
Designing Road Returns in Civil 3D Integration of corridors to define a road return within Civil 3D.
Design League of Rasantes in Civil 3D Design of flush links in Civil 3D using two features: Feature Lines and Quick Profile.
Create Referenced Text for Intersection Design To design an intersection of roads, we need to know the elevations of the profiles at points where they coincide with each other. Referenced text tags (available from 2008 version) give us a very quick way to get this information.
Configure Tool Palettes in Civil 3D We will perform the Configuration and customization of Tool Palettes for road design.
Create a Virtual Tour of a Path in Civil 3D In this exercise we will carry out the virtual route of a path within Civil 3D.
Calculate Volumes Using a subassembly in Civil 3D The development of road projects, particularly the design of roads, commonly requires the calculation of the volume of offal, based on the cross-sectional areas.
How to use the Autodesk Civil Design Companion Sheet Manager Autodesk Civil Design Companion, presents a tool that gives us the opportunity to create a standard format of printing that involves the plant, profiles and cross sections generating in this way all the set of plans that are required for a road project in an automated way and with the required standards.
Tag an alignment with Mileage Flag AutoCAD Civil3D Usually we need to tag a horizontal alignment of a road project with a flag that tells us the mileage of the axle.
Use of AutoCAD Civil in Cartography
Cleaning Tools in AutoCAD MAP Use of the tools of AutoCAD Map, to have productivity in the tasks of cartography.  
Define Coordinate Systems in AUTOCAD Civil 3D 2008 In this topic we will talk about how to incorporate a coordinate system in our environment AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 or AutoCAD Map 3D 2008, and mainly the Coordinate system of LAMBERT (INEGI Mexico)
Lisp to create a Topography Point Construction chart for AutoCAD Generates a Construction Chart of Surveying Points in AutoCAD 2000 and later.
AutoCAD Civil for Surface Handling
Analyze Elevations in AutoCAD Civil 3D Creating a surface by means of a query using a map task pane to select from a file the object information to generate a surface and perform an elevation analysis.
Extrapolate Surfaces in Civil 3D The extrapolation of surfaces when we do not have data in our land is an interesting situation obtaining additional data beyond our topography, this exercise shows us the procedure to extend surfaces within AutoCAD Civil 3D.
Use Raster Data to perform the "Drap" on the relief of a surface This video shows how to perform this feature in such a way that the image takes on the shape of the surface relief.
Import Points within Civil 3D In this exercise we will import a Points file and create a surface
Intercept Surfaces and Centroid Report on Civil 3D In many cases it is necessary to find the centroid of Figure 3D representing a Surface or a volume surface for the calculation of transport distances in Soil Movements
Creating Breaklines To Define Surfaces in Civil 3D A fundamental part of an infrastructure project is to have a reliable topography, which guarantees the completion of a good project with the satisfactory execution of the work.
Create Scale Labels Profile and Cross-Sections Creation of labels as a common requirement for the presentation of road projects, this label indicates the vertical and horizontal scale that will appear in both profiles and cross sections.
Using AutoCAD Civil 3D in other infrastructures
Create Tunnel Portals in Civil 3D It is very common when working in underground works, having to perform work on the accesses of these works by performing sloping tasks to be able to shape and drain access.
AutoCAD Civil 3D Channel Sections There are many uses for Assemblies. The corridor modeling catalog includes components for retaining walls, railways, bridges, canals, trenches, tunnels and more.
Civil 3D General Use Tutorials
Plan Production ... documentation in AutoCAD Civil 3D This video shows productivity tools to automate the process of documenting your designs.
3D DWF presentation inside PowerPoint This video will give us a vision about Executive Presentations using Autodesk Design View within PowerPoint.
AutoCAD Civil User Interface 3D 2008 In this exercise we will talk about the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 User Interface
General Formula of Scales in AutoCAD Development of the creation of scales within AutoCAD.
Migrate Data to Civil 3D Sometimes we receive information from other sources such as simple DWG, DXF, LandXML or GIS files, as drawing entities that contain points, contours, alignments, and profiles that are not part of a database.
Manage Large Projects with Direct Access Although Civil 3D is a very complete tool and offers us enormous benefits for the design of infrastructure projects, it is also true that the program demands a lot of hardware resources and that when managing large projects, the performance of computers is significantly diminished. One way to work with large amounts of data is by using "Shortcuts" (Shortcuts).  Manage Large Projects with Direct Access - Part II
Create a special tag Using Expressions in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 to Define Special Labels
Connect AutoCAD Map with External Databases
Connect AutoCAD MAP and Oracle This video shows how to connect to Oracle from Autodesk Map, access Oracle schemas, classify the objects and attributes of the Autodesk Map file and send them to Oracle.
Connecting an MS-Access Database to Map 3D Connecting a Microsoft Access Database to Map 3D 2007 / 2008
Chaining Data from a MS-Access Database to Map 3D Encapsulate Data from a Microsoft Access Database to Map 3D 2007 / 2008
Connect to Databases in AutoCAD MAP Integration into databases using AutoCAD Map

Temporarily AUGIMX has been remodeling its page and these links are not available, we hope to have these resources again and for sure more.

Go to AugiMEXCCA.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Civil send an email to your email address but I rebound,
    -Modelation of dam with slopes and their respective water surface.
    -Creation of pools
    - volume calculation
    It's just what I need to learn how to do it

  2. Hello, could someone help me with templates for plant profile and cross sections xfa ... if you have templates I don't know if you could send it to me And thank you beforehand

  3. Please if someone would give me a help with the civil 3d I want to learn how to do sanitation I find it of great help you can send me to my mail thank you very much

  4. Good afternoon, you have to be up to date with technological advances. Thank you for your contributions.

  5. Temporary AugiMEXCCA is remodeling its page, reason why the majority of resources are not accessible.

    We hope you will soon show your new page renewed.

  6. spectacular, your videos are the best and they help a lot, keep it up, friend… .much but thank you very much

  7. Just fantastic. I find it very clear, simple, and concrete.
    Thank you for the teachings

  8. Hello, can someone help me to configure the alignments for pipes and give their natural curvature and not go beyond that range ...

  9. I have trouble importing cross-sections of a watercourse created in civil 3d into hecras. When I care about the numbering of the sections increases in the direction of the water runoff reason why the model yields erroneous results. Does anyone know how to import them correctly? Or what can I change once the data has been imported into the hecras?
    Thanks for your attention.

  10. Hello, I think it is very interesting all the information they present, I would like to know if there is a relationship between the language of the operating system where this map is installed to be able to access an oracle database, because when I make the connection to the bd in a so In Spanish I display the information of the tables without problem and in the case of having the so in English the information in the tables does not deploy, it only indicates the total of records that it contains.
    Is there any configuration that I have to do to be able to deploy the data with a so in English?
    Many thanks and congratulations for your site, it is very educational

  11. I have video tutorials of civil autocad 3d 2010, here are the contents

    -Configuration of units and coordinate system.
    -Import points according to format: PENZD, NEZ, DNE.
    - Creation of formats for importing points.
    -Editing Point Labels.
    -Creation of group of points: according to quota, according to description.
    - Fast union of points defined by polyline.
    -Modification of the point data (Dimension, Description, North, East.etc).
    -Add or delete points manually.
    -Extraction of points data for export.

    2.- Surfaces:
    -Creation of surface from file points.
    -Extrapolation of surfaces created by points file.
    -Creation of surface from TIM
    -Creation of surfaces from polylines (contours in autocad)
    -Delimination of surfaces by polyline (boundaries).
    -Editing of contour lines (layers, smaller and larger curve intervals)
    -Creation of curves and editing
    -Create Custom Curve Dimensions (Style Creation)
    -Analysis of surfaces by heights or dimensions (Achurado according to interval of heights), creation of thematic table and edition.
    - Analysis of slope surfaces (slope arrows), other analyzes and their respective thematic tables.
    -Recreded that would realize a drop of water in the surface (ideal for route of rivers and ravines)

    3.- Alignment:
    -Creation of polyline alignment
    -Design Speed
    -Intermediate sense of alignment
    -Application of alignment styles, editing alignment layers.
    -Editing alignment tags.
    -Intection of block to indicate: Km
    -Creation and elimination of PI, curves.
    -Insert spirals.
    -Intet peraltes.
    -Editing curve elements and copying to Excel.
    - Curve elements frame
    - Splice connections.
    -Alignment line according to design (straight lines, curves and spirals)
    -Creation of alignment data reports.

    -Creation of profile Longitudinal and offset to each side.
    -Creation of Subroutine
    -Creation of bands (slope, ground level, elevation level, progressives, alignment, diff of terrain and slope dimensions)
    -Substantial style and labeling (PI, PC, PT, K, Lc, stacking of subgrade, etc.)
    -Production of profile (layer, grids, scales)
    -Quick profiles
    -Elimination and creation of PIV, insert vertical curves.

    5.-Cross Sections:
    -Configuration of subasembly tools paletts to the metric system.
    -Creation of cross sections by subassembly:
    .Stand with sidewalks, road without sidewalks, trapezoidal channel, rectangular channel
    - Creation of corridor and corridor surface.
    - Calculator of volume of corridor surface
    -Installation of stakes.
    - Creation of labels for cross sections:
    Plot of land, level of slope, table of areas of cut and filling.
    -Editing and presentation of cross-sections.
    - Box of areas, volumes.
    -Importing boxes of areas and volumes to Excel.

    -Plan production:
    . Insertion of label and windows with respective scales for presentation of plans
    . Profile presentation by kilometers
    . Insertion of labels to profile by kilometers (Slopes, data of vertical curves, etc.)
    .Personalization of presentation of floor plans and profile by kilometers.
    -Animation in 3D
    -Creation of cross sections from polylines
    -Creation of subgrade from lines
    -Import of Google Earth surfaces and vice versa.
    7.- Overlays

    8.- Grading

    -Modelation of dam with slopes and their respective water surface.
    -Creation of pools
    - volume calculation

    9.- Working with large projects: Data Shorcuts
    11.- Importation of civilian to hecras
    If you like I can write to:

  12. Please someone help me to create templates for a road in the civil 3d, hasi as it does with the land many thanks but better if they send me to my mail thank you very much

  13. I am very happy for the information provided, since it is difficult to solve certain doubts that are formed in the course of the design, so I congratulate you for such good guides and the paguina is very well designed, I hope to help you in any tutorial that prepares Future will have.
    Greetings to everyone in this forum.

  14. I am a builder but I have no experience in this program I think your contributions are very valuable

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  16. Thank you for contributing these videos that will serve me in a course that I am carrying and I will serve to practice.

  17. Thank you very much for the contribution, they are very didactic. It should be interesting all of the 48 both videos.

  18. There is something good in the link below, there are 48 VIDEOS of the AUTOCAD CIVIL 3D 2010 ORIGINAL QUALITY Educational in Spanish, with high quality of resolution, also give the files used in the Videos that serve as a template to work quickly on my Projects, I bought it and it was worth it, EXCELLENT CIVIL COURSE 3D 2010, to learn at home and not pay for expensive face-to-face courses, nor to be misled by bad marketplace content, mercadolibre, rematazo, deremate, ebay. etc.

    Here's a demo of the original videos, although you only see one part of the screen, The videos are full screen.


  19. I appreciate the congratulations, but I must admit that this post is only a summary of the content that is in AUGI MexCCA, where the content is saved and the merit is many AutoCAD users who have collaborated sending their best practices. They spent many hours doing those jobs, I spent 40 minutes doing the selection and the post.

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    Thanks a lot….
    This pag. Is very complete

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  23. Look, we are not part of AUGI, we only promote their resources. AUGI requires you to be registered to see the content, there is no other way to continue trying.

  24. First of all thank you very much for these contributions, congratulations I give you an 10
    How do I subscribe? Why do you make it so complicated the suscription try and I got error

  25. I was looking for video tutorials, and it is very complicated, but I found this website and it is not complicated to download the tutorials I recommend them, now I will try them to see how it goes, then I will tell if it was worth it

  26. Dear, the discussion groups in Spanish are very good. I am from Chile and have been handling C3D since the 2006 version and the truth is that it has improved a lot and is a very good tool for the calculation and design of works associated with earth movement. Try the link I've gotten a lot out of it. I met him a few weeks ago and he is really good because in an atmosphere of absolute seriousness they can comment on their problems with the program and there are a number of people in this forum who contribute with their valuable experience every day. The program has its weak points but I cannot help but ignore its great strengths. Good luck on the road….

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    How do I download these videos,

  28. This material ing. Is very good and didactic to be able to learn more and so professionals can not improve thanks for this material

  29. It's good, you contribute. Ivan I think I will learn a lot from this valuable manual of AutoCAD Civil 3D thanks for your contribution.
    I don't know if you can post through “AutoCAD Civil 3D Channel Sections” open ing. or you can send my email
    I need to learn how to design a tunel mandane a manual ing. I will thank him very much

  30. Hi, excellent civil page 3D, I would like to know if they teach courses in the DF or something like this program, thank you very much. regards!

  31. hello good..good page.:)..I would like to know where I can get the corridors extension for civil 3d 2009 that works ..? because on the web I have them but I can't install them, it tells me an error ..: S ... I hope for your prompt help .. thanks

  32. In AUGI MEXCCA there is a quick guide to learn civil 3D I download it and it is very good, I have two guides in Spanish but I do not know how to hang them I will send it to Master Alvarez to upload them

    Juan Carlos Pineda Escoto
    Honduras, CA

  33. Well I have been able to generate the texts for the contour lines, but I have drawbacks to make the alignments and profiles, where I can find a guide to do the commented, thank you all


  35. Very good tool for engineering of roads, I would like to learn to process sections, to have if you can help thanks

  36. 3d's very complete civilian tutorial is the best that is found to learn civil 3d

  37. You must create a text style, customize the size and assign it from the project properties.

  38. Thanks for your information, the truth that something has progressed, I have imported points, I have generated a surface, I can not label them, they show me some very large texts, they could help.

    I thank you in advance


  40. I find all the articles interesting.
    I would like to register to enter without problem.
    I hope you'll let me.
    Thank you.


  42. Excellent comrade is very gratifying to meet people like you,
    Well we see that there are really significant changes with the new versions of CIVIL 3D, however, I think we follow the sequence and include the new changes. Thank you very much for the information.

  43. very good
    First page that has so many resources together
    Thanks for your input

  44. I am a beginner, and I find that this space is great,
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  45. well, thank you very much for the material, but the “AutoCAD Civil 3D Sections of Channels” file does not open, I would like you to download it again, thanks

  46. Hi, I need you to instruct me as I can to give a realistic environment to a surface.

  47. I think starting with these videos is a good starting point, then AUGI MexCCA has much more appeal than the one presented in this post.

  48. Very little civilian management 3d, I want to learn a lot, you who have much experience, I ask you to give me directions where to get information, it is a very interesting program

  49. This link is interesting, since I work a lot in GIS and I am very interested in learning Civil 3D, since I also work as an independent consultant and it is easier to handle CAD than GIS… .but thanks….

  50. It is interesting your comments and what you know about autocad

  51. Very good information for those who are just starting, I hope to have more of your contributions, thanks for everything

  52. Give cursoso to something by the style of civil autocad 3d in the city of mexico df and if they give as consulting schedules

  53. This is the first contribution so complete that I find in Spanish.
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