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AutoCAD by itself does not bring many functionalities for managing coordinates or creating tables from points. Civil 3D does it, but the basic version does not, and for that reason when we are going to work with coordinates generated by a total station, GPS or stake out, we have to resort to macros watered there.

But XYZtoCAD is not a simple macro, it is a tool built on the basis of work logic, with the option to update online. What happens is that because it is free, someone could underestimate its potential, in these times that opensource being better than the brand, it is difficult to position it.

Install XYZtoCAD

The executable is downloaded from, then it is executed and the wizard is followed. At the end it asks us about which AutoCAD installation we want to activate it. In some cases, the final step does not happen, and it is usually due to having a badly instantiated license in the system registry -or pirate, as you want to call it-

xyztocad autocad 2012

In case of installation problems, CADnet friends have suggested the following:

1 Open AutoCAD

2. You type in the command line: netload and then you enter

For AutoCAD 2010 -2011 select the file

c: \ cadnet \ xyztocad \ app \ R18 \ xyztocad.dll

For AutoCAD 2007-2008 -2009 select the file

c: \ cadnet \ xyztocad \ app \ R17 \ xyztocad.dll

As we see, this tool runs in versions from 2007 up to AutoCAD 2011 and because it is built with .net we can consider that it will also run on AutoCAD 2012 that in a couple of months will be being released.

Take this opportunity to tell you that you can download AutoCAD 2012 for free, from this link, for now in beta for testing purposes, you just have to register.

Activate the XYZtoCAD menu

xyztocad autocad 2012 Once installed, it is activated at the command line by entering


When you enter, a new menu like the one shown in the image should appear in the top bar.

In case we no longer want to see the menu, it is inactive with the command


It is probable that when installing the version already exists a new one, it can be updated using the command



xyztocad autocad 2012 Import Excel points

In this this application works wonders in a simple panel. Choose the txt file, the order in which the data is, if you want to place points or blocks. Point size, layer where they will be saved and that's it.

My respects for the friends of that with this toy have been raffled.

There are buttons that do not seem to be there, such as the one to view data, which allows you to preview the table that is being imported. Also the option to select the point format from an existing one.

And once you've drawn the points, a button is activated to generate the table. It requires indicating the location of the upper left corner, accepts table style, generates several in case there are many (100 points per page) and with one click generates a table that includes the ID, X coordinate, Y coordinate, elevation and angle to the next point. Great for stakeout, although I have reservations about the usefulness of that angle data.

xyztocad autocad 2012

Export points to txt

xyztocad autocad 2012 In reverse, it is the same. It can be selected from blocks or points, from a layer or a selection of entities. Then tell them how we want them to be numbered, number of decimal places, where the txt file will be stored and ready.

Of course, a txt file can be opened with Excel, nothing more than not from the explorer, but entering Excel and choosing the option all files. Then the wizard takes us step by step until it is displayed as a table. Likewise, a table can be saved as text separated by commas or tabs, as long as it is on the first sheet and does not have combined cells or such strange things.

I was struck by a button that allows to stop the process, action that may be necessary if you will work with a very large number of points or if you hang the routine.

Well, there it is. The best I've seen in free applications for surveying using AutoCAD.

Here you can see a video loaded in Youtube working.


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  1. I have installed AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013, followed the tutorial but I did not have good results. I would appreciate if you can tell me how I can make the XyzToCad work. Thank you


  3. Hello friends

    Now you can download the new version of XyzToCad v.2a

    List of Improvements

    01-Application Exports the Data to an Excel, Txt, Xml, Html File.

    02-Application Imports Data from an Excel or Txt file.

    03-It is not necessary to have Excel installed on the user's machine.

    04-Allows you to Export all Blocks together with their attribute list.

    05-Allows to import a greater number of attributes (ID, Description, Z, etc.)

    06-Indicate Field Scale for Block Option.

    07-Generates stakeout table with block image.


    + Videos XyztoCad v.2a

    a greeting

  4. Excellent. Thank you for the clarification regarding the installation.

    I think a great contribution to future improvements.

    It would not be bad if they considered the option of building polygonal. It means, add the pline command, which creates a polyline in the order of the points. It is a very felt need, although it does not apply when what you have is a cloud of internal points but yes, in the use that some people will give to this application to draw the perimeter of a polygonal.

  5. Hello

    If there is a problem with the installation wizard, it can be done manually, the following POST is indicated as

    Regarding the angle, in the point stakeout table, it is true
    which is unnecessary, the data is valid for blocks. (It will be modified in the next version).

    Regarding the improvements for the next version are as follows.

    -Import Data from Excel Sheet Directly (No need to have Excel installed on the computer)

    -Export to Excel and HTML

    -Improved in Data Import form.

    Greetings and thank you!!! by the article.


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