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Nothing like relaxing for a while with the geofumaditos over there. After a month of battling the methane gas stove, after exams we went to celebrate the visit of the fallen guy from Houston. In summary I leave some photos.

1 holidays
After My last comment, they won first place at the level of the five sections of First Course, then third place at the level of the whole school, and in the intercollegiate the First Place in the category of Chemistry. These guys were born to be champions.
In a passing hotel we find a cloud of mosquitoes enough to devour a cow. Before the allergy of my daughter, who already had her first bite on the forehead, I reminded myself of an iPad application (Q Mosquito) That emits in ultrasound the noise of the fluttering of the males ... enough, we sleep happy for a lie that seems when I comment it.
2 holidays
Some exercise, to warm up engines. My mother with an enviable health to almost her 70 years.
This is a view of the Yojoa Lake, just from El Aguaje, a place where more than two years ago with the help of Google Earth and something oluna montuno We found a boy Which already reaches 15 years.
3 holidays
This is in the Las Vegas park, next to a mineral cart that symbolizes something of its heritage. Here we buy a Barça shirt at a good price, in the middle of the street.

The Angry Birds is really obsessive, the iPad endured all kinds of mugres. Then we went to the meteorite crater that these days is a luxury with the milpas half-fold after the August heat. Each one brought his memory rock.

The rest does not take many explanations. Except with my burned nose, because the girl who adorns my eyes does not walk, we forget almost everything, including the bronzer.

Now to work hard while the parades are coming ...

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