Waiting for the 2 Ipad

Ipad-2It's funny, but a good portion of the mobile platform users are expecting what will show in a few hours.
With the position that Apple has on mobile phones, it should be seen that happens:

Will Tom Cook know how to present the toy with the same impact from Jobs last year?
Will it return to the criticism after having distributed almost 16 million in just one year?
Will it bring the two cameras that many have missed?
Will Apple persist in the idea of ​​changing conventions in data transfer?
Will it be a long wait for a next version of IOS 4.2?
Will current users get rid of the one they now have?
White, with fewer curves, higher resolution, blah, blah, blah?

One thing is for sure, sales will skyrocket, not because of the novelty, but because many who have already decided on an Ipad are waiting for the 2 version to come. The majority of criticisms suffered by the rosette table were around wanting to compare it with a telephone, a laptop or even a PC.
After a few months of using it, I have come to believe that no matter how much the competitors do, it will cost them to achieve it in innovation and stability. The way to update your operating system and applications is the greatest strengths Mac has.
The hour to be presented is just midday in the center of the United States, equivalent to:

6: 00 PM in London
5: 00 PM in Madrid
12: 00 M in Mexico
1: 00 PM in Peru
4: 00 PM in Montevideo

The statistics of the last month of Geofumadas traffic are evident: Ipad is the mobile medium by which almost half of users arrive, if we add the other three successful toys from Apple that support the Internet, we can clearly see that they reach an 77%.
ipad 2

Of course, when analyzing the desktop navigation and add it, you just walk through the 3%. While it shows that Windows is still the monopoly, in the near future Apple will be able to position itself much better as mobile navigation grows.
apple-ipad-1 The disadvantage of all others is that they are manufacturers of equipment or applications. Apple owns both, that is dangerous but healthy, I liked the fact that pull the bows with the design giant (Adobe), which maintains closeness to HP and AutoDesk. We'll see where the lawsuit ends, because after a year, many site developers have preferred to invest better in HTML5, Javascript and CSS instead of continuing to suffer with Flash.
The results shown are from the Spanish-speaking market, in other environments the positioning of Apple is greater because mobile access is superior. Also in the lower part of the table are Nokia, which in the Middle East and Europe is stronger; BlackBerry is visible only in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.
In my opinion, tomorrow, in digital media, the 2 Ipad will sound until tired.

  • Geek Iphone users will again criticize which is not the tablet.
  • Software developers will dream of what is now possible.
  • Careful people will wait for opinions from others to dump their money so soon.
  • Those who still do not decide for one, will be in craiglist.
  • And compulsive shoppers will be passing their credit card for a toy that is not yet in the store.

I'll be talking about bringing back the 2 Ipad.

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