Very technical issues of the Congress of Surveying

Hi, sweetheart, it's been A congress really productive, significant for Guatemala and an important moment for the Central American region. Before talking about the technical aspects of the event -That only interested my readers- with which I will be entertained the next few days, I want to take advantage to release some of the context that in the free threads I have been able to take advantage of and that surely you continue in the category of leisure and inspiration.

D: \ DCIM \ 104MEDIA \ IMG_0857.JPGIt is strange to hear in the voice of others the name Geofumadas, umbrella under which I have come on this occasion. I feel satisfied that this effort beyond its start as a Blog, now with more than 37,000 monthly visitors is considered for its contribution to the Spanish-speaking geospatial context, then comes back when a professor tells you that his students cite him as a bibliographic source without being able to complete the name of the author for his anonymity. Things of life, while you do not hear it from others, you do not perceive it in a wider dimension of online comments or queries in the chat. To finish this prelude, I must tell you that it has been a privilege to share the podium with people who are a reference in matters of territorial management like Martin Wubbe de Kadaster, Diego Erba of Lincoln Institute, Javier Morales of ITC, Mario Pimetto of Cadastre de Córdova and Jean Roch Lebbeau of SEGEPLAN.

I missed you while arriving in Quetzaltenango, three hours from the capital plus the time of the attempt to leave the airport in a pretty congested city during peak hours. This section has involved a chat on the road and a dream time proportional to the change in height that justifies the gray, @ 14.66 linear kilometers and @113.47 in the altitude delta by the watershed of the mountains, there by the left cheekbone of the partialities of Totonicapán that reach the 3,330 meters above sea level (not on the highway).

Tender, I understand that this is a tremendous confusion not necessary in this article, but it is part of going back, looking barely clouds as I cross to 33,000 feet the edge of the UTM zones 15N and 16N, testing GaiaGPS on the iPad to see what captures the satellites at this height and speed. I am eager to get to @home, run around the boys and enjoy the veil of magic that 14 years of marriage produce and possibly more than 17 to know you existed there. Strange combination of madness, passion and that clear taste to take care of your appearance, that contrasts with the style of this crazy other that considers that the clothes are only a requirement to go out.Jocon

I tell you, it was good to share with a former boarding school teacher in my school years, that in those great coincidences he lives here in Quetzaltenango a couple of months ago. Interesting, 24 years later to eat with his family and enjoy a good Jocóm, a meal of this region that includes hen in a greenish soup, cooked with warm tortillas, rice and a cinnamon tea that compensate for the open polygonal of the soul that the miles ... not even the extra pounds. The threads that unite all this history have not been able to avoid me remembering moments of my childhood, when the still bad customs of the FMLN guerrilla made me Seek freedom In another country and marked my delight for traveling.

BonifaceIn Quetzaltenango I have stayed at Posada Bonifaz, lonely I have felt your company almost as if you were here. The place exists from 1936, it is a very cozy place that I recommend, next to the park and part of a context that can not be avoided with the lights of the night and a good jacket because the cold is another story. This historical center is a valuable evidence of a safe work for years of the municipality, for the recovery of a historical heritage of the colonial era.

Then I have also seen other valuable evidence of those years of the Spanish Crown; the Hermitage of El Carmen in Salcajá; the oldest Catholic Church in Central America, built there by 1524 when the Spaniards were real invaders; and not necessarily as they do now with the gvSIG Foundation but with the same spirit that it seems they will not lose with the passage of time.

I would have liked to coincide with the time of the fair, in the month of August in honor of Saint Louis King of France; time when traces of the intangible reverberate; although at daybreak it jumps in the women carrying their children in the back, dressed in the colorful typical costume: a kind of blouse called Güipil and something like a skirt known as Corte, traits that have remained in the pride of the roots that do not die although branches are very few. Pity that the Dance of the Flying Stick is no longer practiced, in which a trunk standing in the square constituted the pivot of a rotating basket, from which two people hung in a loop, twisting in that sensation of feeling that not only the eyes were coming out by the centripetal turn in each Π / 4. It will be another time that you may accompany me, that I go to Rabinal or Baja Verapaz where they say that it is still practiced.

Église San Jacinto, Salcaja

Now there are hardly any school parades, mechanical games, bullfights and some of the mixes that the Spaniards brought to the dances; It does not stop being good if accompanied by a good chicken soup with Pope's Paches And the exchange of good jokes at Healthy / acceptable Morbid as only the Central Americans can count.

So tender, these have been the lightness of a trip that leaves me with a good taste in my mouth, more than the cultural context that surrounds the Salamá River, I must admit that the role of people who have harassed the conditions for the academy is great. goal in its role of sustainability of the geospatial sector. It is ironic and curious that all the work done by the University of San Carlos is not in Guatemala City, so being in the second most important chapina city means that all the municipalities that converge with this valley assume a significant challenge in the next 10 years. We will see if they honor the ancient capital of the Quiché kingdom, when it was called Xelaju and then Pedro de Alvarado in the Aztec language called the Land of the Quetzal. I've seen it clearly in the face of some guys who are just in the early years of the race, and that's good for everyone.

Inspiring, but I must return to my smoked subjects, which have me with the pica on the tip of the tongue. Also, they just said that electronic devices should be turned off, and I do not want to take away the original sense of the article that for the first time started and literally ended in the clouds to pure iPad. So, thank you for collecting ears of this wheat, understand my time, and accompany me beyond the thought of this trip. In a few minutes I will land, and it will be good to hear again that language that only you and I understand, that must have existed before I knew you and that still stir beetles in the liver and tears with bone pain at night.

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  1. ... definitely, several of the phrases have dedication.
    Thank you for following this space and assuming that it exists.

  2. Hi Rudy. It was a pleasure to share with you at the congress, regretting that the time is short and the schedule is tight. But surely there will be time for a visit there or through the capital, either the caldito or a good cup of coffee always taste good.

    A greeting and forward with the race.

  3. Hello my name is Rudy De Leon, and I participated in the congress of land administration, I am a student of the second semester of land administration in Quetzaltenango and proud to be the son of Salcajá, I grew up playing around San Jacinto church and do not know the Joy that I feel to know of your comment about it and the place that I was born, if I had known that I was going to visit my piece of paradise would have wanted to share with you a glass of fruit and a piece of canvas made by hands Of my brother artisans, but my heart is filled with joy to know that part of what he liked in his visit was my great people Salcajá.

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